It’s no secret many of us feel that politics lacks relevance in our lives.  In fact, one of the biggest stories of the upcoming election is likely to be apathy itself.  Many of these negative feelings exist because we don’t feel like we are actually being given any real choices.

Politics isn’t just something that happens in the houses of parliament and voting doesn’t just happen every four years. Every day we make choices that shape our world.
Think Act Vote is a campaign to inspire us to think positively about our future and the votes we cast, today, tomorrow and forever.

Think Act Vote artwork by Holly Berry

Think Act Vote artwork by Holly Berry

Think Act Vote was started by a group of friends whose backgrounds are in ethical fashion, politics and design. What brought them together was a shared frustration about the negative view of politics held by so many people in the UK today and an ambition to do something about it – creating a community around the choices we make for our future.

Throughout April we will be holding an alternative election in public and private spaces, asking members of the public to complete the following statement “The future I choose…..” and place their answers in the special Think Act Vote ballot box.

We are compiling these statements, and fashion photography of people wearing the Think Act Vote designs in a creative anthology that we will hand deliver to the Prime-Minister after the general election. We are also personally asking a selection of public figures from across British Society to contribute to the anthology with their perspective on the future they choose.

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