Last night was our launch party (more on that soon) but this means that we can now share with you the winner and the winning design!

Men's T-shirt on Jesson Yip

Winner Jesson Yip modelling the Men's Think Act Vote T-shirt

The winner was decided by the Think Act Vote judging panel, made up of some of the best-known faces in ethical fashion and design, including ethical hero Katherine Hamnett, celebrated illustrator Daisy de Villeneuve and the original ‘anti-preneur’, Cyndi Rhoades.
The judges were impressed by the concept that Jesson Yip had created and felt that it was original, innovative and made a powerful statement.
The concept was then developed further by Jesson Yip and the Komodo Design team, with different colour versions for male and female. The different fonts used within the symbols represent different voices within society.
Cyndi Rhoades commented “I like the stylish and playful interpretation of the brief. The feel is fresh and the concept is simple, effective and arouses curiosity. I hope the design helps to spread Think Act Vote on t-shirts across the country, inspiring and engaging many people along the way.”
Daisy de Villeneuve said “Colourful bold statement on the t-shirt, nice graphics. It worked out well.”
Girls t-shirt on Tamsin Omond

The Girl's t-shirt, modelled by Tamsin Omond

Ethical Fashion stylist and Think Act Vote judge Jocelyn Whipple said “I think the design solution has been met with graphic simplicity and a strong message. How wonderful that they will also be printed on organic fairly traded tee shirts, which means the message of Think, Act, Vote is carried through into the garments life cycle as well. I look forward to seeing the real thing!”

On the winning design Jesson Yip commented:

“I’m thrilled that the concept has been selected for Think Act Vote’s t-shirts and Komodo have done an amazing job bringing it to life. It’s great to be a part of this project’s history. Think Act Vote can inspire more consideration and conviction in our choices. We all need a nudge sometimes.

The idea for the design came in the early sketches. It was the one that really stuck out and I loved how the three actions could all be represented by typographic symbols. The design stands out as something a bit different, the hope is that it will create intrigue and spark off a conversation or two.”

Jesson Yip is a London based designer with a passion for digital, interaction and typography. Jesson was a senior designer at top digital agency Lateral before branching out in 2008. He’s worked on projects for clients like the The Hub, Levi’s, Which?, Amnesty International, Green Party and RSCA. He’s also the creator of the analogue digital clock Analogy and founder of floating studio There.