Message in a bottle… As a child I always used to get excited about the possibility of  finding a glass bottle with a life changing message inside at the beach. Now all I find are empty plastic water bottles and coke cans, and maybe a plastic bag.

It is estimated that almost all of the marine pollution in the world is comprised of plastic materials.  Scientists estimate that every year at least 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles die when they entangle themselves in plastic pollution or ingest it. So Adventure Ecology (the inspiring environmental organisation set up by David de Rothschild) decided to do something about it, build a boat out of over 1200o plastic bottles and sail across the pacific bringing awareness to these issues…

You can find out more about The Plastiki, check out photos and videos and even track their route through their website.

The Plastiki

The Plastiki Crew shared with us their visions of the future from the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Expedition Leader David de Rothschild – “The future I would choose for tomorrow is one where today we all dare to dream bigger, undertake greater adventures, tell richer stories and strive to be more curious there by collectively solving the issues that we know the future will hold.”

Captain and Environmental Sailor Jo Royle – “The future I choose is one where the barriers between nature and societies are blurred, one where we all think of ourselves as environmentalists, as the environment is our umbilical cord for life, and therefore one where we full fill our role as care takers of the planet.”

Co-Skipper David Thomson – “The future I choose would see a complete curb on CO2 emissions, a future where people don’t go hungry and where I can sit on tropical beaches sipping the finest rum and coke.”

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The Plastiki Crew