‘The future I choose is one where everyone is concerned about the state of the environment and actively seek to change their own way of life to make the world a better place for us all to live in.’ – Katie Weightman, Designer/Founder of Miksani

Miksani believes that ‘fashion doesn’t have to come at a cost to those who make it’. Their garments are manufactured in World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO – formerly IFAT) certified producers or those working towards this. Miksani garments are unique and often hand-woven, hand knitted and hand printed meaning that artisans in small communities are supported and traditional skills are kept alive.

Miksani create stylish, luxury fashion whilst employing socially responsible and ethical business practices. The garments are manufactured to the highest standards in Nepal, Peru and India, using natural, sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and silk, banana, alpaca wool and mohair wool.

Miksani created a t-shirt with the fringes down the front, back and shoulders for the Think Act Vote campaign.

Photography: Dominic Clarke. Stylist: Io Takemura. T-shirt: Miksani. JAcket: Junky Styling. Trousers: Ada Zanditon

‘I used an old white t-shirt the same size as the T.A.V. tee. Using as much fabric from the t-shirt as possible I created fringes by slicing the fabric into strips and then stretching out to create tubes. I then cut the T.A.V. t-shirt up both sides and stitched in the fringed sections to create the t-shirt. I wanted to create something contemporary that would be fairly easy for anyone to re-create, with the added material being something that most people may have lying around.’

For all the Think Act Vote fashion followers, the process to create your own Miksani customization of the t-shirt has been illustrated below in 9 easy steps.

1. Get an old top the same size as your Think Act Vote t-shirt.

2. Mark out lines with chalk going down from the shoulder seams to the bottom.

3. Cut your old t-shirt straight down in the middle.

4. Cut off the sleeve and down the side edge of the old t-shirt.

5. Cut these panels into strips 1cm wide, leaving 2cm uncut down the edge.

6. Stretch out these strips (they will automatically go into ‘tubes’).

7. Cut your Think Act Vote t-shirt up both the sides you have marked.

8. Trap the fringing into the front, back and both sides of your Think Act Vote t-shirt and stitch (so the stitching shows on the inside of the t-shirt).

9. Your t-shirt is done.

Miksani’s t-shirt has been very popular at the Think Act Vote Photobooth:

Daniella Theodorou and Tara Scott from Ethical Fashion Label Tara Starlett Photo: Marcia Chandra

Michael Evans and Tom Charge Burke from band Official Secrets Act. Photo: Vanya Sacha

You can see more photos from the Think Act Vote PhotoBooth on our facebook page. To get more of Miksani, click here.

Miksani strongly support Think Act Vote. ‘I wanted to be involved in the Think Act Vote campaign because I fully support it’s positive approach, we are all responsible for the small and large choices we make in our lives each day.’

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