‘Think.Act.Vote encourages us to think about our future, voice our opinion and communicate our message; Beautiful Soul is proud to be part of such a refreshing campaign.’ – Nicola Woods

Founded by London College of Fashion graduate, Nicola Woods in November 2008, Beautiful Soul is an eco-aware, luxury womenswear label and has gained recognition for its creative, intelligent and open minded approach to design. Beautiful Soul live to Gandhi’s words “Be the Change you wish to see in the world.”

A world away from throwaway fashion, Beautiful Soul is aimed at a woman who is aware of the importance of originality and quality in a garment, relishing also the story behind each creation. Beautiful Soul prides itself in combining the most indulgent vintage fabrics with sustainable alternatives. The delicacy and luxury of the materials combine with the expert London-based manufacturing, to give the wearer a truly unique fashion experience.

Showpiece Created by Beautiful Soul for Think Act Vote; Photography by Dominic Clarke; Ethically Styled by Io Takemura; Complete Look By Nicola Woods, Beautiful Soul

Nicola believes that individuality is a key factor in Beautiful Soul’s design process. ‘Women these days aren’t taken in by throwaway fashion, and seek to buy and wear clothes that are unique and timeless. The use of a vintage Japanese kimono offers exclusivity and by giving it a new lease of  life, it is hoped that it can be cherished for a lifetime. We have captured Beautiful Soul’s signature style, but have also added a playful twist, in keeping with the refreshing message of  Think.Act.Vote. The collar is removable and has been made from old business cards (that were produced in error) and combined with scraps of organic peace silk,  providing a solution to ‘zero’ waste. The garment is multi functional and can be worn as a dress or as a skirt, depending on your mood; after all, a woman loves to change her mind!’

Beautiful Soul at Alternative Fashion Week

To view more pictures of the Alternative Fashion Week  here. To get more information on Beautiful Soul, visit their website.

And what about the Future that Nicola Chooses?

“The future I choose would be a future where people treat each other (and planet) with mutual respect, compassion and common courtesy.

People would take the time to listen to each other and understand that as unique individuals, we are all entitled to an opinion.

It takes a passionate person to act out their beliefs and translate their message for others to hear. Not everybody has this opportunity; embrace it and be the change you want to see in the world.

With determination and conviction, you ‘can’ and you ‘will’ make a difference.

Just believe in yourself.” Nicola Woods

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