‘I choose a future where we in the west start to take responsibility for how our lifestyles for the past centuries have brought the world into this dyer state where human beings are living in poverty and the natural resources of the planet are being totally depleted and wasted on making the problem worse rather than creating a better future for everyone. I choose a future where the small compassionate voices stand a chance to be heard above the greedy powerful. I choose a future where apathy, violence, prejudice and crime are no longer glorified and normalised through the media, where we and our children are taught to stand up united for what we believe rather than ridiculed for speaking out against the status quo. I choose a future where the grain that is grown on our land in this country is no longer used to fatten up livestock for our plates, but to feed the hungry all over the world, where people respect and understand where their commodities have come from, and the effect their decision to buy them has on others. I choose a peaceful and responsible future.’ – Tara Scott, who appeared on Blood, Sweat & T-shirts before setting up her own ethical label.

Tara Starlet Customisation T-shirt to Playsuit. Photography by Dominic Clarke; Ethically Styled by Io Takemura; Playsuit by Tara Starlet; Hat by Pachacucuti

Tara Starlet is a vintage inspired fashion business run by a mother-daughter team, born out of a shared passion for 1940s and ‘50s fashion, and a mutual concern for our planet. They are strong advocates of recycling and upcycle Cashmere jumpers, injecting fifties glamour! They use end of roll fabrics too, putting to good use Pre-consumer waste. This means that you won’t find hundreds of other women wearing the same thing! On top of this, all of their clothes are made locally in London, keeping a check on their carbon footprint.

Tara Starlet did two pieces for the campaign, a simple customisation of t-shirt to playsuit (above) and a special signature Tara Starlet Dress (below)

Tara Starlet Showpiece. Photography by Dominic; Clarke Ethically Styled by Io Takemura; Dress by Tara starlet; Bangles by Amisha Elegance Rebellion;

‘When tackling the challenge of upcycling the Think Act Vote t-shirt, it was a no brainer that I would have to make it into a dress. Here and Tara Starlet, we are all about dresses! I chose to do a fluted skirt because I wanted it to be a nice classic 40s length and I didn’t just want to attach a skirt on a waistband. The fabric I used was scrap from some blouses we have made in the past. Making a fluted skirt out of panels meant that I could create the effect of something that would take a lot of fabric to make, using scrap pieces sewn together.’

Designer Tara Scott wearing her Creation. Photography by Vanya Sacha

Alternative Fashion Week, Photography by Poulomi Basu

Ethical Stylist Zoe Robinson wearing the Tara Starlet Piece, Photography by Pip Dudra

To view more pictures of the Think Act Vote Photobooth, click here.

Tara is Campaigns Officer for the Shoreditch Sisters W.I. So just before the election, we met up to talk politics and fashion at Time For Tea.

The Shoreditch Sisters W.I Needs You! Photography: Vanya Sacha

Find out More About Tara Starlet, and visit her online shop. http://www.tarastarlet.com/

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