‘There comes a time when inaction is no longer an option. People who take action are often classed as activists and yet, in many ways, this is a false category; activists were not born carrying banners and D-locks and spouting chants. The decision to take action is often the result of deeply personal and gradual thought processes, not miracle conversions. Indeed, increasingly, action seems to be imperative for a growing number of people.’

Just Do It is an exciting new feature-length documentary film that follows the mischievous and risky world of UK climate activists.

‘Just Do It admires the links that Think Act Vote draws between the personal and political, asking us to think about the choices we make all year round – not only at the ballot box . As the political parties spend their time  squabbling over swing voters, Think Act Vote encourages positivity amongst the disenchanted grassroots by taking the time to ask: ‘what future do you choose?’, similar to Just Do It’s own message: ‘get off your arse and change the world’

And how do the Just Do It team envision a changed world?

Emily James (Director, Just Do It) – “The future I choose is one in which the twin evils of profit and exploitation have been relegated to the dustbin of history.”

Lauren Simpson (Producer, Just Do It) – “The future I choose is a permaculture world – the principles of permaculture (earth care, people care and fair shares) are the default setting of how we act, think and relate to each other.”

James Leadbitter (Editor, Just Do It) – “The future I choose, is one chosen equally by everyone”

Sophie (activist featured in the film) – “I choose a future where wealth, skill and power are distributed equally, where difficult ideas of justice and fairness are more important than wealth and possessions, where I know and value my streetcleaner, my postman, my neighbour, my community. Where lemonade springs and the blue bird sings….”

Sally Mumby-Croft (Legal Assistant, Just Do It) “The future I choose is one where violence is not the answer to differing opinions, but one in which  humanity accepts the right everyone single one of us has to inhabit this earth, no matter our place of birth or our religion. A future  where governmental manifesto’s do not revolve around the single aspect of how to stay in power, but instead how to leave the earth in a  better state than when they found it – taking responsibility for the  failures of Copenhagen would be a start. A future where natural  resources (water) are not turned into a commodity and the world ceases  to be exploited for its increasingly finite resources. A future in which we accept we cannot have what we want when we want it and where  we allow our seas to replenish and the fish to return.”

Set for release in early 2011, Just Do It is a documentary which shows ordinary people making the decision to act against the odds to build the world they wish to see together; against the inaction of governments and the profit-driven agendas of corporations, for communities and collective decision-making. Following the exciting events of the environmental movement in 2009, Just Do It reveals the human story behind the headlines that surrounded the brutal policing of the G20 and the leadership failures of COP15, as 3 organizations, 2 loose affiliations and 1 domestic extremist take on the combined forces of global capitalism, run-away climate change and the metropolitan police.

Just Do It attempts to breach the gap between people frustrated and dis-empowered by the system in which they live and those who are actively attempting to reclaim their collective and individual power, inciting everyone to take ownership of their future.

The production model that Just Do It uses is in some ways an extension of the ethos explored in the film of non-corporate not for profit, DIY action. It rejects the limitations of corporate funding in favour of a model where the film is crowd-funded by small donations from many people who believe it tells an important story. The finished product will also be distributed for free, so as many people as possible will watch it and be inspired.

To find out more and get involved with this project, visit their website – http://just-do-it.org.uk/

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