Designer Sury Bagenal, gives the Think Act Vote t-shirt a fresh makeover.

Sury has been designing for over 20 years both in London and LA. She has worked for Arabella Pollen and Designers at Debenhams. Most recently she was Head of Design at Ascension (formally Adili) creating the beautiful own label ethical styles.

You can make your own summer vest by following these simple 10 DIY steps.

Its time to create one yourself!

step 1 : mark where u want to cut sleeves off

step 2 : cut sleeves off

step 3: cut sleeves open

step 4: lay on flat surface and trim off shoulders

step 5 - new sleeve

step 6 - stitch 1cm in from edges & gather up

step 7 - take centre of sleeve & pin into armhole

step 8 - check that gathers are even

step 9 - stitch into armhole & neaten underarm

step 10 - add your own touch!

The finished T shirt

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