Futerra is a communications agency with a difference.

Since their foundation in 2001,they have worked on corporate responsibility and sustainability. They work with inspirational and bright ideas to make sustainable development so desirable that it becomes normal.

In addition to their work with clients ranging from Nandos to Eurostar, they are also founders of the genius Swishing Parties and the Earthly Sins Confessional Booth.

Futerra’s team members share with us The Future They Choose.

‘The future I choose is where we’ve met the needs of today whilst enhancing the ability of everyone to meet their needs tomorrow.”  – Solitaire Townsend, Co-Founder of Futerra (@GreenSolitaire)

‘The Future I choose is green. Not just a colour. Not just a political party. Not just a term for naivety! It’s a philosophy and a creative, experimental, cutting edge, super-sexy approach to life and lifestyle that is what the 21st century will be all about. Where we live, how we work together, how we get around, what we eat, where it grows, what fuels our fires, warms our hearts and inspires our minds – all are up for grabs…we’re beginning to realise consuming ever vaster quantities of ‘stuff’ ain’t making us happier (and we certainly can’t eat money), and that unequal societies make us sick – physically and mentally. The Future I choose is in tune with the earth beneath our feet, recognises us as people not just consumers and celebrates our collective potential to do the right thing. And I think we might even get there!” –  Ed Gillespie, Co-Founder of Futerra (@FruCool)

The future Lucy Shea hopes for is ‘shiny, happy and evenly distributed.’ (@lucyatfuterra)

The Door To Futerra

Henry Hicks chooses a future ” where we realise the positive impact we can have on the people and the world around us through our daily decisions and actions. It’s ‘us and us’ not ‘us and them’. It’s an interconnected, transparent, collaborative, empathic and fun future.’ (@Hicksy)

‘The future I choose is one where we understand we’re joined up with everything and everyone. What goes around, comes around.  So go well, go fun, go fair and go now!’ – Laurie Bennett (@LaurieBennett)

‘The future I choose is further along the long arc of the moral universe, but it’s bending ever closer toward justice. (With apologies to MLK Jr.)’ – Casper ter Kuile (@CasperTK)

Jeff Melnyk chooses a Future “where every individual has taken personal responsibility for themselves and their actions within the community. By doing so we will all realise the impact we have on the world – the epiphany that allows us to make a change for the better.”

‘The future I choose is one of choices, fun and lots of sunny family camping trips.’ – Lucy Warin

Laura Piscaer chooses “a healthy, just, sustainable and honest future.”

Yibing Tan visualizes a future which ‘has green trees everywhere, less cars on the streets, people walking from place to place, occasional buses operating noiselessly and smoke-free.’

Before the election we popped into Futerra for lunch to chat about our campaign, they provided handmade Pea & Mint Soup along with some great ideas – Read their blog post on our visit here.

To find out more about Futerra, and download their latest report – “Branding Bio-diversity” for free, please visit their website. You can also follow their tweets here @Futerra

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