The festival goers were in high spirits at this years NozStock Festival and everyone had a ball modeling the Think Act Vote eco t-shirts and dresses.

NozStock Festival 2010

Caroline Green From Gaggle

NozStock Festival 2010

The rest of the photos of the NozStock Festival 2010 are up on Think Act Vote’s Facebook page.  To find and tag yourself, check the Facebook Album-NozStock Festival 2010.

On the bright and sunny weekend festival goers shared with us The future They Choose… Here are just a few

Think Act Vote ballot box

Think Act Vote ballot box

‘A future where people don’t take our world for granted’.  Kay Wilcox

‘Is a literal greener one. Where we quit making the world grey with concrete and let our natural world thrive and survive.’  Katt Anna Williams

‘For every child equality, for every man the choice and and ability to prove his ideal and better the world for himself.’  Jazz Beard

‘Peaceful, with an environmentally important structure where children get a safe and happy existence and creativity is nurtured.’ Lucie Hansel

‘no separation, no segregation.’  Lizzie Macan

‘Is somewhere where we respect nature and the planet and people appreciate each other.’  Gina Roberts

‘Is for everyone to have a fair and free life. Hippies would rule and Nozstock would be on all the time.’  Molly Jones

And don’t forget to send us your words and have a chance to be featured in our book! – What’s the future you choose?