RichMix is london’s innovative cross-arts centre, it prides itself on being passionate about ‘diversity, arts, creativity and inclusivity’.  Located in Shoreditch/East London the centre channels various forms of creativity in its 132, 000 square foot, five floored building.  The state of the art building (designed by 00) has a three screen plush cinema, can be used as a performing arts venue as well as providing affordable creative work spaces.

Rich Mix Live 2010

Photo: Deepti Patel

Last weekend Think Act Vote had the pleasure of taking part in Rich Mix Live, a free one-day festival in association with BBC London. The event was put on to celebrate the diverse talent of the businesses that work in the building. We have been sharing an office for the past few months there with the eco-fashion pioneers – Worn Again, Pants to Poverty and Ethical Fashion Forum.

With the theme of the Open Weekend at the Rich Mix being the official countdown of two years until the London Olympics 2012, Think Act Vote’s presence could not have been more appropriate. Questions about our collective future regarding the Olympics and it’s legacy is now at the heart of the debate. With £100 million spent on hosting the Olympics the local community want to be involved and it is in everyone’s interest that the structures that are created will be sustainable and are for the benefit for all Londoners after the limelight of 2012 subsides.

Questions and debates aside overall there was a sense of excitement and positivity about the Games in the air. Think Act Vote was able to link into the discussions with the BBC  regarding thoughtful planning and sustainability – showing that at every level there is room to Think Act. Vote regarding the decisions we make.

Photo: Deepti Patel

As the event celebrated the future it was only appropriate to ask ‘What’s the future you choose?‘ And here are a collection of responses from the event…

‘Is a future of world peace! where all peoples rights are heard and there is no discrimination.’  Jasmeen Brar

‘A clean, non poverty world where we are equal everywhere.’ Hannah Horn

‘that all people feel brave enough to use their creative selves to sing, make music, grow their food, share resources, trust themselves and do away with capitalism’.  Erica Lenadd

‘Is that everybody has a chance of greatness. To be the hero of the day to feel that you are somebody.’  Dennis

‘Will have a much more understanding society.’  Sajel Karena

Photo: Deepti Patel

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