Fashioning The Future – Leonora Oppenheim interviews Amisha Ghadiali about ethical fashion and creative activism.

Saturday 14th August, 5pm, Talk Tent, Vintage at Goodwood.

Vintage at Goodwood | Celebrating 5 Decades of British Cool

Amisha Ghadiali and Leonora Oppenheim are two of the UK’s most exciting up and coming design innovators.Working separately, but motivated by similar passions, these two women are both epitomes of the multi-tasking female.

Amisha and Leonora each work on a variety of cutting edge projects thatpromote creative ways of engaging with the key social and environmental issues of our time.

In recognition of their ongoing work Amisha and Leonora have both been

selected as members of Courvoisier’s The Future 500 network in 2010.

At Vintage at Goodwood Amisha and Leonora bring their enthusiasm for discussion and debate to the talk tent.  Leonora will interview Amisha about the recently acclaimed Think Act Vote campaign, her work in ethical fashion and creative activism, as well as the tricky business of sustainability and the job satisfaction of working for positive change.


Amisha Ghadiali

Amisha Ghadiali

Amisha Ghadiali is a creative activist for positive social change; a designer, campaigner, writer and entrepreneur. The motivation running through her work is for us to to live in a more connected and optimistic world, but to have fun whilst we are working towards that.

She is an Ambassador for the Ethical Fashion industry with her roles as Associate Director at the Ethical Fashion Forum and designer of Amisha.Elegance.Rebellion Jewellery. Amisha has recently been selected as a Cultural Leader of tomorrow with a place on Leadership Advance. Her background is in Politics and International Development, where she has held positions within government, and with various non-governmental organisations and campaigns.

Seeing that something different was needed for 2010, Ghadiali founded Think Act Vote, a campaign to inspire us to think more positively about the future and how the decisions we make every day shape our world. The creative campaign combines fashion, art, music, photography, design and our answers to the simple question “What’s the Future You Choose?”

Leonora Oppenheim

Leonora Oppenheim is a design storyteller. She regularly puts finger to key totell epic tales of design derring and sustainability do for and other online and print publications. As director of Elio Studio, Leonora crafts hernarratives in collaboration with architects, designers, curators and scientists. Together their creative projects promote engaging conversations around social and environmental issues in public spaces.

From working on plans for a chocolate factory with cacao farmers in the Ecuadorian Amazon to reporting on biogas toilets from the mountains of northern Ethiopia, Leonora has many a tale to tell of her adventurous and inspiring encounters with creative minds around the world.

The Future I Choose:

“I choose a future that is driven by love and respect not fear and greed. We’ll all be on the same side and working together in support of each other. We’ll be using our creative energy to solve the world’s problems and we’ll be having fun whilst we’re doing it. The future I choose is one where it is sexy and cool to care about the planet and its people.” Amisha Ghadiali

“The Future I Choose is one where all designers use their considerable creative skills for the greater good, to produce beautiful, useful and sustainable products and systems for all to enjoy.” Leonora Oppenheim

Not to be missed! Visit the Talk Tent, 5pm, Saturday August 14th.

Don’t forget there are Think Act Vote workshops running all weekend! A chance to make your own Think Act Vote Refashioned piece!

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