Completed The Future I Choose Ballot Cards

We have been doing lots of events where you can fill in one of our special ballot cards with The Future That You Choose and put it into The Think Act Vote Ballot Box but some of you of you have left your names Anon!

We can’t put any contributions into our book that don’t have names, as quite frankly we could have just made them up… We didn’t.

All the Futures below are from real people, tell us who you are!

“The Future I Choose is just where everybody is happy and don’t make other person unhappy.”

“The Future I Choose is to be happy doing whatever I do/whatever/whoever I become.”

“The Future I Choose is for a stronger and more united relationship between the US and the UK. The US loves the UK.”

“The Future I Choose is ME! A world where my choices become actions and we can make changes for us all.”

“The Future I Choose is of possibilities where everything is possible.”

“The Future I Choose is change. And why not?”

“The Future I Choose is minimum wage for everyone plus a sex bank.”

“The Future I Choose is love more love with love and to die for love.”

“The Future I Choose is a world where we all agree. No religion!”

“The Future I Choose is where projects become the essence of our daily life and life is a continuous encounter of interests. Where money is not just an exchange, not an issue.”

“The Future I Choose is a future where humans work.”

“The Future I Choose is community and environment solutions networking.”

“The Future I Choose is living where the streets and transport are safe.”

“The Future I Choose is a happy sustainable world with enough for everyone.”

“The Future I Choose is that the UK is greener and stops global warming.”

“The Future I Choose is green!”

“The future I Choose is socially active, participatory, inclusive, aware and able to change for the better.”

“The Future I Choose is worldwide equality for all. There is enough food, water and land for everyone.”

“The Future I Choose is where one doesn’t measure progress through GDP but happiness and wellbeing.”

“The Future I Choose is one of security and trust in those who make decisions for us. I want to be swaddled in happiness and security.”

“The Future I Choose is more people making changes to their lifestyles.”

“The Future I Choose is to have peace and to have everyone to have an understanding that works.”

“The Future I Choose is full of love.”

“The Future I Choose is one which promotes love not hate=less stress.”

“The Future I Choose is non-violent, is equal while embracing diversity, is fair to all, is sustainable and empowering.”

“The Future I Choose is one without fear.  A future of shared human consciousness and shared solutions.  One of tolerance and dialogue.”

“The Future I Choose is a robinhood tax- collected for our communities- domestic and international-who need it most.”

“The Future I Choose is liberal!”

“The Future I Choose is an honest one.”

“The Future I Choose is one where government does radically less (tax, benefit, spend, subsidize, redistribute) and people do radically more.  Generosity should not be compelled.”

“The Future I Choose is Equality+peace.  Greater respect for our environment+each other.”

“The Future I Choose is one where everyone has an equal voice.”

“The Future I Choose is one where i can be happy and earning a fair living.”

“The Future I Choose is filled of hope and change!”

“The Future I Choose is a clean, non fighting world.”

“The Future I Choose is to continue with my street dance, singing, netball, running etc. and make something of my life.”

If one of these is yours – email and tell us –

And if you haven’t taken part yet, don’t forget you have until the end of September to tell us The Future That You Choose.

But why wait, when you could do it online now!