Back in June, Arcola Theatre hosted a Green Sunday on Ethical Fashion, featuring some interesting discussions, an ethical fashion marketplace, make & mend and a Think Act Vote Photobooth.

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Think Act Vote Photobooth at The Arcola, Photography by Ludovic Des Cognets

Founded in 2000 by Artistic Director Mehmet Ergen and Executive Producer Leyla Nazli, Arcola Theatre is now one of the most respected arts venues in the UK – blazing a trail in artistic excellence and innovative management since day-one. Housed in a stunning converted factory in Hackney, Arcola is a favourite of established theatre literati as well as young, upwardly mobile innovators. London’s largest theatre studio, Arcola has become well known for the variety of its programming– from new writing to classic drama, music and comedy.

Arcola is proud of its mission to become the world’s first carbon neutral theatre though Arcola Energy, a programme of activity spanning everything from recycling bottles to, building facilities from old sets, to international green theatre partnerships, to the hydrogen fuel cell powering the LED lighting in the cafe/bar and our more adventurous Studio One lighting rigs.

Arcola Building Layout

We caught up with the team, and asked them to share with us The Future That They Choose…

“The Future I Choose is a culturally rich equitable life for everyone.” Dr Ben Todd, Executive Director

“The Future I Choose is one where everyone cares for their planet because they have learnt, at whatever age, that it is a beautiful and fragile system of which they are a part. Where the impossibility and inequality of living as if one can use more resources than are sustainable is understood. I choose a future in which there is a balance in people’s lives between professional work, and work that serves basic needs for, say, food or shelter. A world that is slower in pace, where citizens more frequently trade their skills with each other as needed, rather than selling them to an employer for use in a capitalist model of society. A future in which we love and respect children and young people, instilling in them both a sense in the joy of living and a inherent creativity, which will help them enjoy their life journey and equip them with the resources needed to adapt in innovative ways to an ever changing world, in a loving and harmless way.” Madeleine Cox, Sustainability Projects Manager

“The Future I Choose is one where people value relationships over possessions; where asense of community is engendered through people freely giving of theirskills and time. A world in which everyone’s individual humanity isrespected, and this respect is continued to the more than human world. Aworld where people teach by being and learn by doing, and live with abalance of head, heart and hand.” Feimatta Conteh, Sustainability Projects Manager

Arcola Green Sunday - Ethical Fashion Discussion

“I choose a future where the waste from unnecessary mass production is a thing of the past because society only uses what they need instead of what they want. A future where if I am hungry and you are cold- we will trade food for blankets- where all countries share the same policies regarding pollution and it is an international crime against nature to destroy natural habitats and species at an unsustainable rate.. I choose a future that is a little like our past except war will not be accepted as a method of problem resolution and diplomacy must rule!!  My future starts today and I give this vision to you, to share, to ponder, and to create our own realities in harmony and in perfect love” Amanda Warnick, Fuel Cell Marketing Assistant

“The Future I Choose is one where our increasing use of natural resources in the production ofenergy and ‘stuff’ is no longer spiralling out of control, but is managedsustainably and distributed fairly across the world.”
Dave Mosley, Energy and Sustainability Intern

The Arcola Team told us that they found thinking about The Future That They Choose to be “a really positive experience because it focused the imagination on visioning the future how it could be, if only we all chose it.”

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