We had a great time at Vintage at Goodwood. Thank to all of you that took part in our Think Act Vote Refashioned Workshops. We took a team of 5 down there to do the workshops including 2 seamstresses and a photographer. Think Act Vote founder Amisha Ghadiali was doing a talk on the Saturday, so we thought it only right to make a dress for the occasion.

We were given a sample Komodo top by their wholesale agency Foundation, so started to brainstorm on ideas of how we could turn this into a special Think Act Vote Refashioned piece.

The Komodo Top

Alison Lewis and Laura Metcalf got to work on the remake.

Alison & Laura creating the dress

Here is the finished dress:

Think Act Vote Refashioned Vintage Special

The Back of The Dress (Excuse the Festival Creases!)

Here is our favourite piece that you made. Well done to Alice Bordell, Aged 8.

Alice Modelling Her Creation

The Future That Alice Chooses is one with “NO BIG 4X4’s, Cars that run on leaves and twigs, no normal bins just recycling bins and no smoking except in your own house!”

Thanks to Alison and Laura for thier seamstress skills.

Alison & Laura wearing their creations

Thanks to Petronella Tyson for helping to run the workshops.

Think Act Vote Star Volunteer - Petronella Tyson

Want to know more about Think Act Vote Refashioned? Click the link to find out what Leading Ethical Fashion Designers created for us.

See all our photos from Vintage at Goodwood, and don’t forget to tell us The Future That You Choose.

Our video from Vintage at Goodwood is coming soon!!