10:10 is a manageable-but-meaningful call to action which inspires people to reduce their carbon footprint through positive, practical messaging. The 10% target is based on science that suggests a 10% cut in emissions, year on year, is the best way to minimise climate change.

The idea is simple: individuals, businesses and organisations all commit to reduce their carbon emissions by 10% a year, starting in 2010. Around the world, there are around 100,000 10:10 signatories, including 3,200 businesses. Among these are companies like O2, Sony and Microsoft.

Less than a year old, 10:10 has enjoyed phenomenal success, developing from the efforts just a few pioneers into a global network with offices, staff and volunteers based around the world. A focus on personal action remains at the heart of the campaign; 10:10 seeks connect individuals everywhere to create a dialogue of shared experiences, victories and challenges.

The 10:10 office space

The 10:10 team share the future they choose:

A future where we are all given viable opportunities to engage with the environment on a moment to-moment basis; acting positively when we plug in, turn on a tap, cash a cheque, wash, eat, drink and celebrate. Every action in this world can be made to better benefit our environment and it’s ecosystems, that’s the future I choose.’ -Rich Metson

The future I choose is a world where everyone takes responsibility for their actions and where the poorest do not pay the price for the lifestyles of the richest.’- Lucy Geoghegan

Snapshot of the 10:10 office

Tom Schrieber chooses the future where everyone is free to choose their own future. And where they’re considerate enough of one another that they don’t damage each other’s ability to choose.

A future where people and businesses invest their pensions so that ,rather than leaking over endangered pelicans, they’re invested in progressing causes they believe in.’ – Harriet Bell

I choose a future where we’re defined by the opportunities we seek rather than the crises we face.’ – David Clarke

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