Thank you for visiting us here. Think Act Vote (?!X) a radical think tank that explores the new and creative ways we can and are shaping our future lives and communities. We are disrupting the traditional model of a think tank because we believe that every single one of us, no matter what age, background, religion, ethnicity or occupation has personal experiences and ideas to share that can lead us to a brighter future.  To find out more about us, you can read our Manifesto or watch this video.

We would love for you to take part in our Futures Interview series where we are asking what we think are some of the most important questions that each one of us can answer:

  • What is the FUTURE that you choose? [What kind of world do you want to live in? You can read more about the question here, and some answers that we have already received here. It can be a sentence, or up to 200 words)
  • What’s a ‘THINK ?’ to create this future? [A ‘think’ is something that has informed or inspired the future that you choose]
  • What’s an ‘ACT !’ to create this future? [An ‘act’ is something that we can all do to help create the future that you choose]
  • What’s a ‘VOTE X’ to create this future? [A ‘vote’ is a pledge of support to something that you believe is creating the future that you choose]
  • Future Soundtrack – What song will you take with you into the future? [We know, it’s an impossible to pick just one! We are putting together a playlist from everyone that takes part]
  • What are your five all time favourite weblinks? [With so much to see and do online we are curating a directory of what you think is the most interesting & inspiring]
You might need some time to think about what you want to share, or you might just know. For some inspiration (and because they are packed full of gems and wisdom) – you can read our latest Futures Interviews.

Futures Interview Questions - artwork by Kiran Patel/Illustrating Rain

The interviews are coming in thick and fast and whilst we’re super excited about this we really don’t want the older stories to be lost in a digital archive. We want to pause for a moment and capture some of the best responses we’ve had in a book, all about the future.

We are making this book with your help. In the book, insightful interview responses and stories will be presented alongside the work of visual artists, designers, illustrators and photographers, and will feature among some leading thought pieces.

The final book will be published in Spring 2012 and will available to buy as a limited edition. We’re also planning to present both the project and book to the British Prime Minister and leading politicians, to raise awareness of a new collaborative and creative future.

Everyone who take parts by the end of january will have their answers put forward for The Futures Book. All interviews will be featured on our website unless you ask us not to (Please spread the word as this is an on going project – we have 7 billion people to ask!)

So tell us, How do we Create The Future You Choose?