As you know at Think, Act, Vote we think that voting is much more than just voting in elections. We see voting as how you pledge allegiance to campaigns, charities and more in your every day life. We do think that voting in elections is important too, and tomorrow’s referendum is quite possibly to most important vote that you may ever cast, as it’s about the way in which we vote in the future. As this is how we take part in our democracy, it’s vital that we take this opportunity to have a say on how we vote.

38 Degrees have put together these links that they think you might find helpful:

You might find these articles by the BBC helpful:

Or you could have a look at what the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigns for the referendum have to say (and find out how if you want to donate time) :
Yes Campaign:
No Campaign: 

We have been doing a poll on our facebook page on how you are going to vote – do take part –

There are local elections in many parts of the UK in addition to the referendum.

You may know that Think Act Vote founder Amisha Ghadiali, is supporting the Yes to Fairer Votes campaign as a Vice-Chair. You can find out why she is advocating for a yes vote in this interview on Amelia’s Magazine and on her blog. However the important thing is that you go and vote for what you believe in, be that Yes or No.

As long as you are registered you can vote even if you don’t have your polling card. For more information on where to go, and to find out about the different voting systems – visit