We are on the look out for a team of bright, energetic, passionate creative activists from all over the world to help grow our community at Think Act Vote.

Are you a ‘Creative Activist?’

If you answer yes to the following questions, than you might be just what we are looking for!

Do you believe that our world can be better than it is? Are you passionate about creating change and getting others excited about doing the same? Do you love finding out about the amazing and inspiring things that people are doing all over the world to create change? Do you like thinking up new ideas to make us more connected to each other and work more in harmony with our environment? Do you enjoy talking to people about their ideas? Do you enjoy finding and sharing interesting ideas that you find on the internet?

Your Role:

– Write blog posts for our site on interesting ideas that you come across that could lead us to a better world.

– Interview people in and outside your network (We have the ‘Think Act Vote Interview’ format which you can follow)

– Encourage people to contribute to The Future I Choose online

– Find ways to include The Future I Choose project in your local community

– Host small events in your local community (We have the format for this too, but you would have creative input into it)

– Contribute with creative ideas on how to meet our project aims and objectives

– Spread the word of our work including through social media

What’s in it for you:

– You will be profiled on our team page

– You will be credited for all your blog posts and interviews

– You will get to join a global team of amazing people

– You get to be part of a cool and exciting project

– You will get to shape how we grow and will get paid work as we do

– You will get to meet and interview inspiring people

– You will learn and develop some very useful skills

– You get to be creative and active contributing to a better future

How to apply:

If you would like to apply to be one of our Creative Activists, please send the following to info@thinkactvote.org.

* The Future You Choose and a Think, Act and Vote to create it and your soundtrack for the future – see here for an example – http://thinkactvote.org/category/futures-interviews/

* A 100 word profile and an image of yourself (300 x 300 pixels) – please include the location you will be contributing from

* 300 words or less on why you think Think Act Vote and The Future I Choose is an interesting project and what you can bring to it

* 10 links that think are interesting (these could include links to your own projects/blog)

Please note that these positions are voluntary (as is the whole project) but it is super rewarding to do, and you will get a chance to help grow something beautiful in the world as well as develop some great skills. You will be able to contribute as much as you would like, but there is a minimum commitment of 20 hours a month for six months to start with.

Find out more about what we are doing, have done and our plans for the future by downloading this – About The Future I Choose – Think Act Vote – Online Version.