This week is the first ever A Good Week, a new initiative that we love celebrating all that is GOOD. There are many events and other happenings for you to get involved in.

What’s nice about a good week, is that good is defined by you. One quick way to take part is to send out a tweet sharing what good means to you (with the #agoodweek) We imagine that the future you choose might feature a lot of what you think is good, so please share with us your future if you haven’t already (and get your friends to do it too!)

A Good Week was started by Hannah Carnell and Natalie Campbell whose shared vision “is a world where everyone can Feel Good, Do Good and Live Good.” They leave what good means up to you to define, “Yes, that might sound like a bit of a cop-out, but Good obviously means different things to different people. We want you to use the week to think about – and do – what makes you and others feel Good. And if you’re already doing Good in your life then even better, just get involved and tell us about it. Use the week as an opportunity to shout about what you or your organisation is doing.”

Think Act Vote founder Amisha Ghadiali spoke at the launch event, along side an incredible line up including Oli Barrett, Stuart Poore, Kevin Sutcliffe, Juliet Davenport and Jeff Melnyk. You can read her talk on Good as a Choice, on her blog.

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