Jeff Garner

Romantic visual artist, pioneer, and unconventional designer Jeff Garner and his sustainable, organic label Prophetik are on a path of transformation, leading the evolution of fashion and changing our perception of luxury.

The uniqueness of Prophetik begins with the artist himself. Garner’s vivacity and his commitment to creating distinctive, sustainable, eco-friendly fashion is a reflection of his environment. Born in the Civil War town of Franklin, Tennessee, and raised on a horse farm, Garner grew with a connectedness to nature and a peaceful understanding of the world. The Prophetik label’s genesis came once Jeff made the decision to combine his love for his surroundings with his artistic desires.

Garner takes his inspiration from the dressmakers of the Civil War period who worked with what was in front of them, fashioning beautiful gowns that were later taken apart to recreate new dresses – sustainability born out of necessity. Garner’s designs have a sophistication that sets them apart from typical organic clothing. Garner says, “I want people to experience the heart of Prophetik” and believes that having a social conscience will never go out of style. Using organic dyes from the garden, recycled bottles transformed into greenspun fleece, working with materials like flax and durable hemp that is naturally softened with baking soda, and employees who receive fair pay to produce his designs are all a part of what makes Prophetik distinct. With his collection, Garner hopes to bring awareness to an industry that has not been concerned with the process as much as the results.

In the eight years that Prophetik has been in existence, Garner’s sustainable garments are stocked in high-end boutiques across the United States, including the distinguished Fred Segal in Santa Monica (a celebrity favorite), and Eco Age located in London, Japan and Switzerland. With a focus on sustainability, the UK’s fashion industry has welcomed Garner’s diversity with open arms. Prophetik shows at London Fashion Week where Garner was named “2010 Eco Men’s Designer of the Year.”

Garner has also worked as a costume designer for Miley Cyrus, Jeremy Camp, Newsboys, Amy Grant, Sheryl Crow, Jonas Brothers, Kings of Leon, Barry Manilow and Donna Summer, many of whom have become supportive friends and fans of Garner and Prophetik. Garner frequently speaks at universities on the subject of sustainability in fashion and will be joining forces with Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, to start a school of sustainability.

Aside from managing and designing for his own label, green mega-store Whole Foods appointed Jeff as a consultant within their apparel buying division, and Griffin Technology contracted Jeff to design a sustainable wallet case for the iPhone as part of their eco soft goods development, which launched simultaneously withProphetik’s London Fashion Week catwalk show in September 2010 and is now sold across Apple stores worldwide.

“We all have a story to tell; we all have a canvas, and my canvas is clothes.” – Jeff Garner

?!X: What’s the Future You Choose?

JG: Simply…A future with Love and Respect….with these two elements all else would synergize into a beautiful harmony of soulful connection where the heart leads and fear subsides.

?!X: What’s a ‘think’  to create this future? Jeff has written us two poems in answer to this question. 

Slowing down I gain perspective of a new day

Slowing down I gain perspective of a new day

To understand that life does not exist for us

Is a revelation of ego to let go of control

We strive to gain this control each day losing our ideal

We are a part of life as we are of nature

The elongating desire of molding life in our hands Is fruitless

If we embrace life we embrace a soulful connection to the now

Being in tune with life keeps the natural at bay

One is not loss in the meaningless importances that attempt to grab us

A virtuous cause, a damsel in distress, a war of roses all were once the

Driving force of culture

And now personal advancement, materialism and fame take place of any

Character drive cause

The charities of today are even driven by socialites of repetition

Our society hungers for substance and meaning

And yet we keep producing a plastic world made in China.

By: Jeff Garner

Raw Love

To annul a love is an act of treason to the soul of life

Keeping away the heart to action

Allowing the body of feeling to grasp control

Seeing, desiring, wanting and achieving

Such is the darkness of fulfillment

The gluttony of ego transpires the truth of soul and love…

blocking all exits while keeping the entrance locked behind.

If the world cannot control the heart and soul nor corrupt its ways it will confine

It into the abyss of loneliness and ego in safety made not to be a voice against the

reason of common day society of gluttony and convenience

Disarmed as not to inspire the soul it was created for thus to produce passion, life, and love.

Mediocrity poisons these lands in which all drink

A detox is soon to be inspired to awaken the drunken souls of pleasure and comfort.

Then one may feel again.

That is life….that is love… to feel the rawness of emotion like the weathered leather

reigns against a chafed calloused hand.

Alive, battered, and still holding on.

Oh world await for the awakening of the soul.

By: Jeff Garner

?!X: What’s an ‘act’ to create the future you choose?

JG: Respect should always be given deserved or not and Love should be shown…simply hug everyone you meet and greet.

?!X: What’s a ‘vote’ to create the future you choose?

JG: Education and awareness on treating woman with respect, for women are the Love that carries this world.

?!X: What’s your favourite song and why? 

JG: “The Kiss” by Trevor Jones…visual paints a journey of true romantic love and the challenges with the stimulating escalades of sound.

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