Back in June out founder Amisha Ghadiali, spoke at the launch of A Good Week. She was asked to talk about Good as a choice, and spoke about a good day for the world?, individual and collective activism, the ethical fashion movement and Think Act Vote (?!X). The video was posted today online by A Good Week, and we think it is even more important in light on what is happening in the UK this week.

“In a world with an estimated population of just under 7 billion, where every hour there are 250 births and 105 deaths, and one where we are loosing around 30,000 unique species every year to extinction, how do we decide what a good day is?…….What I do know is that good comes in many forms, and that we can choose good in every situation.  Challenging situations often bring out the good in people, whether it be caring for a stranger that has been hit by a car, the way that communities can work together when faced by natural disasters or the way that activists are inspired to take a stand to tackle things they see in the world as unacceptable.”

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If you would like to read the whole talk and find the images used, these are on Amisha’s blog