Some of you may know about our new digs in Chancery Lane, well that’s thanks to the mighty 3Space…turning empty space into opportunity.

The Big Empty Shop Experiement - Photo by Andy Pearsall


The guardian reported earlier this month “Charities fight for survival as funding slashed across country”, going on to say that “More than 2,000 charities are being forced to close services and sack staff as local authorities slash their funding, or in some cases completely withdraw it…”. Charities, especially nowadays, find renting out much needed space, an extrememly expensive, time consuming and quite an  impossible task, involving diffculties sorrounding negotiating with landlords and legislation.  This can often stump the life-changing work that these charities produce. So, 3Space, provides something highly unique and unusual. An offer that lays these common worries to rest and lightens the burdens too many charities face today.

Their Mission: For all empty property to be recognised as an available resource that can deliver immediate social benefits and be a catalyst for longer term regeneration.

Benefits All…                                                                                       

So why 3Space? Well, 3Space offers a “favourable solution to landlords, charities, local goverment and ultimately the communities where it operates”; the focus of 3Space is to offer incentives to all parties . For charities and non profits, it is literally free space, in Think Act Vote’s case, we now have our offices in Chancery Lane, right in the heart of London. Through 3Space, our costs we’re reduced giving us space to focus on growing our work.

Open Society using Chancery Lane for workshops

However 3 Space offer much more than office space, they have free pop up space for charities on high streets all over the UK. That’s free space that charities can use creatively to promote their work, in fact 3 space actively encourage charities to be creative with their space. For example, earlier in the summer, 3space took part in A Good Week, by giving space to Food Cycle to hold A Good Meal. The space can be used for pop up, workshops, fund-raising or anything else that the imagination can create.

A Good Meal

Beth Thomas from Big Issue, Cymru said “Using the 3Space unit gave us at The Big Issue Cymru a fantastic opportunity to get ourselves out there and tell the public how we work. 3Space is a fantastic idea, taking something of an eyesore and giving organizations like us at The Big Issue Cymru a chance to get our message out there!”.

NWBaseline holding art and design workshops in our shop in Blackpool

There is an endless list of the organisations that 3Space help, such as: Big IssueUniversity of Glamorgan, Volunteering England, Food Cycle, Open Society NWBaseline.

Need some help finding space? Got a great pop up idea for your charity? Check out the 3Space Website and sign up to the 3Space List

Their team includes Henry Mason, Andrew Cribb, Harry Owen-Jones, Alice Vaughan, Will Hyslop, Roger Gabriel. You can contact them via email, through the following link: 3Space Team

You can also follow these guys on Twitter: @3Spaceorg