Rubi Anwar

Currently an Advertising Design student, Rubi  is hoping to go into the world of Advertising after she graduates. Overall a creative person, she is an artist, designer, illustrator, and so much more. You can see her work at and Rubi has created an illustration for the ?!X book, of Jo Keown’s future, one of “Peace, simplicity and non-violence towards all beings.” 

?!X: What’s the Future You Choose?

RA: I choose a future everyone is equal, and where people are not judged for there beliefs, or who they are.

?!X: What’s a ‘think’ to create this future?

RA: Kavindu “Kavi” Ade performing IT at 2010 BNV LA Team Philly

?!X: What’s an ‘act’ to create the future you choose

RA: Don’t look down on people because they are different, accept them. Don’t hate people for having a different religious viewpoint to you, respect them.

?!X: What’s a ‘vote’ to create the future you choose?

RA: This is a hard one to answer, there are so many different ways to help. I recently found out about which is a website set up to try to get rid of gender stereotypes, and hopefully make a change. You can see a trailer for a film they’ve done at It seems to be mostly American so far, but I don’t see why we can’t be inspired about it too.

?!X: Future Soundtrack – What song would you take with you into the future? 

RA: It would have to be Jump Rope by Blue October, they are one of my favourite songs, and I have songs of theirs that I prefer, but Jump Rope reminds me that although I may be down at the minute, I can always get back up.

?!X: Can you share with us up to 5 weblinks that you find interesting and inspiring?


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