Alison Day. Photo by Carol Govaert.

Alison Day Designs is a multi-facetted company. Alison is a graphic designer and creative artist, as well as editor of an expatriate magazine, ‘Connections,’ in The Northern Netherlands.

Her art is her passion, but she also writes articles of interest, illustrate, translate (Dutch – English) and, as a voice actress, her voice can be heard in many a museum, schools language courses and the odd advert.  

She has created an illustration for the ?!X Futures Project, bringing to life David Hawksworth’s Future, one that is “creative, connected, cultured, with less consumption and waste” 

?!X: What’s the Future You Choose?

AD: The future I would choose and the world in which I would like to live, involves the use of the world’s remaining resources in a more thoughtful and ecologically sound manner. One where a life philosophy of “re-cycle, re-use, re-invent” becomes an active voice as opposed to a passive motto. All too often, we take for granted and under estimate the fragility of life on our planet; animal, vegetable or mineral, all is slowly being eroded away towards an inevitable extinction, and we are following hot on their heels. It’s time to look up from our automated worlds, open eyes and hearts, appreciate what is around and make the necessary changes before it is too late.

?!X: What’s a ‘think’ to create this future?


The existence of rubbish dumps and polluting land fills, stress the importance of the need to minimize our production of waste. It doesn’t make sense to continually produce packaging/containers etc that ultimately become obsolete after only one use; if you do use it why not recycle it and re-use it in another form?

?!X: What’s an ‘act’ to create the future you choose

AD: People should be encouraged to only purchase products with biodegradable wrapping, or none at all; remove the demand to stop the supply. Instead of plastic, why not treat yourself an original and long lasting shopping bag in cotton with a fun design:

?!X: What’s a ‘vote’ to create the future you choose?


By donating what you no longer need to the Red Cross (or any other charitable organization), you also help this humanitarian organization in aiding people in distress worldwide.

?!X: Future Soundtrack – What song would you take with you into the future? 

AD: Fitz and The Tantrums – ‘Money Grabber’:

?!X: Can you share with us up to 5 weblinks that you find interesting and inspiring?


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