Throughout 2012 we are sharing an illustration with you every week to help you to re-imagine the future that you choose. For the eighth week of 2012 , to celebrate London Fashion Week, we are sharing Think Act Vote (?!X) Refashioned designer Ada Zanditon’s future. Ada is one of London’s rising stars in the fashion world. You can get a sneak peak of her AW12 ‘Simia Mineralis’ collection which has just shown at Fashion Week, in this film. Simia Minerals (which means ape of the mineral – the human race) looks at how our mining and use of the earth’s minerals to create technology has a negative impact on the habitats of other primate species.

Ada Zandition's Future - artwork by Kiran Patel

Ada Zanditon’s Future:

The Future I choose means we are one, we are all involved in creating the future.

Artist Kiran Patel/Illustrating Rain, brought to life Ada’s words using thick paper and a soldering iron:

I chose to illustrate Ada Zanition’s future, as I visually saw that statement as resonating energy. All of us are vibrating energy and our levels of consciousness have an effect on the people around us and the wider planet. Through this I wanted to visually represent the manner in which we are all individually connected to one another and that there is a strand running through us all that impacts on the world. That we are in control of working together to create any future that we would like to live in.

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