Lynne Franks

The legendary Lynne Franks is a business woman, author, broadcaster and speaker. She is described by the world’s media as a lifestyle guru and visionary, and is an acclaimed international spokesperson and advisor on the changes in today’s and tomorrow’s world – both for the individual as well as society at large. She is either featured in or writes for many of the UK’s top publications, as well as regularly appearing in international media, television and radio, speaking on the subjects of social change, consumer patterns, corporate responsibility and women in business. Her consulting experience with both the public and private sectors; her global work with women’s enterprise, and her recognised gift as a ‘futurist’ have given her considerable insight into the way forward for modern society.

Following a brief stint as a PR assistant, and at the encouragement of the fashion designer Katharine Hamnett, Franks started her own PR agency at the age of 21 which became one of the UK’s best-known public relations consultancies. The media claims that Absolutely Fabulous was based on her life and refer to her now as the Godmother of PR. 

She is the founder of SEED – Sustainable Enterprise and Empowerment Dynamics – a provider of women’s learning and coaching programmes on economic empowerment, sustainable business practices and creative leadership, as well as a global on and off-line women’s support network. 

In 2010 Lynne launched B.Hive, a series of unique and stylish women’s business lounges, in collaboration with the Regus Group. The B.Hive flagship is in Southampton Street in London’s Covent Garden.

?!X: What’s the Future You Choose?

LF: The future I choose is essentially what I wrote in Grow a few years ago. It’s called ‘Shaping the Future’ and written from a woman’s perspective. “As women we are traditionally the caretakers of our culture. Our responsibility is to understand and somehow make sure that changes that are happening in our world preserve the basic humanity in us all. By connecting with the principles of the sacred feminine, such as those found in ancient matriarchal civilizations- the more nurturing society can evolve. One that abhors violence, advocates such values as justice, compassion and love, and raises its children to reach their full potential as human beings. If we are talking about getting rid of the old, out-dated, patriarchal ways of running the world its essential to present a pragmatic vision of what we want to replace it with. We need an overall blueprint of what a new world based on principles of the sacred feminine would look like and how it would work. The primary foundation for a world is cooperation. First and foremost it is cooperation between male and female. As women we know that the best and most efficient way to get things done is to work together. And that means living and working with men in harmonious coexistence, valuing the perspectives and strengths of both sexes and creating a higher quality of life for all. It must also be a world of cooperation between business and community, human beings and the planet, national governments and NGOs, young and old, spirituality and science and out inner and outer selves.”

?!X: What’s a ‘think’ to create this future?

LF: The thing that’s really inspired me is following my spiritual path and understanding that if I change myself and become the living embodiment of my values, (it’s a hard thing, I’m only human but I try my best!) if I can live my life in MY truth then that can have much more of an affect than what I used to think of, which was to go out, raise the banner and charge in and change the world that way. Having said that, I’m still an activist and still believe we can do that to; but first of all we have to start with our self.

?!X: What’s an ‘act’ to create the future you choose?

LF: I think an act we can all do to help create the future is to get in touch with our inner selves, to understand that it starts with the soul, the spirit, the higher self, the inner self, whatever you want to call it. And if we can all just get in touch with the inside voice of ours, the good voice I suppose as opposed to all the “noise”. I think that’s part of the journey really and the easiest way to do that is through meditation, whatever your religious practices or your beliefs, or your no beliefs! I believe that meditation, having stillness, going inside, whether its through yoga or however it may be in these busy lives we all lead is crucial.

?!X: What’s a ‘vote’ to create the future you choose?

LF: There are so many wonderful causes out there and I don’t really think that one is any more important than another in some ways, and certainly there are some very important ones. But if you feel in your heart that you care more about the environment, or animals or bees or stopping women being raped everyday in the Congo, which I certainly feel strongly about, in fact sexual violence anywhere in the world, then that’s the path we have to follow. I wouldn’t just pick on one or the other. However I do think its important to get in touch with our heart and see what resonates with our heart and then take action. Most of all I think it’s about being part of community, I think community is the future. Whether it’s global or local, and as we all connect with each other we can do far more at grassroots level that we can do through nation states and politics. It’s about connecting with your community and taking responsibility. That, together with my sister, my brother, my neighbour, my mother, my daughter, my friend, we can make a difference by collaboration, by connection.

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