Throughout 2012 we are sharing an illustration with you every week to help you to re-imagine the future that you choose. For the sixteenth week of 2012 , we are sharing design storyteller, Leonora Oppenheim’s Future.

Leonora Oppenheim's Future by Rhea Babla

Leonora Oppenheim’s Future:

The Future I Choose is one where all designers use their considerable creative skills for the greater good, to produce beautiful, useful and sustainable products and systems for all to enjoy.

Artwork by Rhea Babla:

As an illustrator, I could relate to this future because I believe it is important to use my skills for the enjoyment of others. To me, good design shows that something is valued – for example, good architecture can dramatically change the atmosphere and attractiveness of a place.

Additionally, designers really need to be aware of the implications their creations have on the environment. Instead of sustainability being an afterthought, it would have a more lasting impact if we changed the process of design.

In my illustration, I wanted to visualise the link between creativity and sustainability (albeit in a somewhat abstract way). I thought about the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and how this applies to ideas as well as materials and tools. So the tree’s bizarre shapes and patterns represent imagination and how we can share ideas and ‘renew’ them, and the tools represent the physical recycling of materials. In this field, designers plant the old tools to generate new ones so that eventually there is self sustaining forest of ideas and materials. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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