Throughout 2012 we are sharing an illustration with you every week to help you to re-imagine the future that you choose. For the twenty-sixth week of 2012, we are sharing journalist and Councillor Rowenna Davis‘ Future.

Rowenna Davis’ Future by Kellee Rich

Rowenna’s Future:

I would like to see a world in which every person can fulfill their potential without being bounded by race, class, gender or geography. That means removing more than physical constraints – it involves removing psychological ones too. You can have all the skill and luck and resources in the world, but if you don’t have faith you’ll get to your destination, you’ll never even set off. I want everyone to choose their own future, and to believe they can get there.

Artwork by Kellee Rich:

I chose Rowenna Davis’s future because, like Rowenna, I believe that every person on Earth ought to have the opportunity to live to their potential, to live their dreams. I think self-love, self-belief and courage are the key to making each of our own dreams come true, and many people are born into circumstances where those three things are elusive – because of their financial situation, their race, where they live or because of what they are led to believe about what they’re capable of. Dreams are not refined to a certain group of people – every one has a dream. I believe it’s our duty as human beings to encourage, support and look after each other, so that we each feel empowered to live the life we want to. I wanted to represent this idea in a wheel – the wheel of life, the wheel of human existence. Each character within the wheel has a path leading to their dreams and beyond, but they all need the support of their neighbour to make the wheel work.

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