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Join us for an afternoon and night of interesting conversation, live music and suprises to celebrate The Future We Choose – A Collection By Think Act Vote.

The launch event hosted at The Arch Gallery in East London will be in two parts. From 2-6.30pm, we will host a pop-up radical think tank with contributors from the book sharing their ideas on creating the future we choose, along with a futures interview workshop.

Then from 6.30pm, we will have live music from artists including Peter Gregson and Delirium Tremens.


Pop-Up Radical Think Tank (2-6.30pm)


A workshop, speakers and performance including:



Ed Gillespie on Green, Not just a Colour

Justice Williams MBE on Closing the Gap

Phillipa Young on Resturcturing Society

Christina Rebel on Empathy



Melissa Sterry on Solutions Found In Nature

Karis McLarty on The Good Life for Citizens

Michael Norton on 365 Ways to Change the World

Annegret Affolderbach on People



Chris Arnold on Simply Acting

Olivia Sprinkel on Creating One Thing A Day

Jessi Baker on Data and Visulisation

Patrick Hussy on Independent Thought



Peter Gregson on Defending Your Tastes

Paul Hilder on Making Things Right

Lucie Barat on Creative Talent

Amisha Ghadiali on Rules To Dress By


Plus Live Music from Spencer Maybe Pearce.

The Party (6.30pm til 2am)

There will be food, drinks and a book reading. Expect special guests and live music, including:


Cellist and Composer – Peter Gregson

“…at the forefront of the new music scene…” The New Yorker

“…music to our ears” Wired

“…pushing the classical performance envelope…” Classical Music Magazine

“…he has the world at his fingertips…” The Scotsman



Karis McLarty on Vox/Clarinet; Nick Bovaird on Acoustic Guitars/Vox; Matt Povey on Electric Bass;
AND INTRODUCING THE NEW BREED: Jacob Doran on Electric Guitars; Alexandra Moniz on
Drums and Lee “The Boom” James on Double Bass

“Gypsy Rose Lee meets David Bowie… and breaks his heart.” Standon Calling

“Naughty and glamorous” – Immodesty Blaize

“Sensitive. Really unique. I like it a lot”. – Mike Figgis

“Folk Noir band Delirium Tremens causing a record company stir playing amazing sets at London’s most
debauched parties “ Scottish Sun

“True” – Benjamin Zephaniah



About The Book:

After holding a book preview in Rio, we officially launch the book in London.

The Future We Choose – A Collection from Think Act Vote

How can we create the future that you choose?

Every one of us has ideas and personal experiences to share that can lead us to a brighter future. In the pages of this book, over two hundred people reveal their vision of the world they want to live in and the ways in which we can think, act and vote to create it. Beautifully illustrated, this is a personal, political exploration of what we value, and how we can live these values in our daily life.

This book is an invitation to you, wherever in the world you are, to imagine the future of your choice and inspire us to build it with you. Our global future should be created by all of us, together. The Future We Choose is the start of a new conversation for making that happen.

“It is rare that someone writes a book with passion where the effort is aimed not at knowing the answers but understanding the question…I feel a new form of democracy stirring and it is exciting and vital. Go make a difference I say. Read this book and start now.” Tim Smit, The Eden Project

“Imagination is the most precious currency we have. This anthology is a priceless, awe-inspiring companion in a time for new dreams.” Jonathan Robinson, Founder of The Hub

‘An idea that could send a transforming fire to the future.’ Ben Okri, Author & Poet

“At the vanguard of re-imagining how we can participate in creating the future we choose, this book charts the beginnings of a collaborative revolution in politics.” Tamsin Omond, Lush and Climate Rush

“What keeps us trapped by the mistakes of the past? Often it is the inability to imagine the world being truly different, a lack of example or inspiration to follow, or simply not believing that we can make a difference. The Future We Choose from Think Act Vote has a cure for each of these ills.” Andrew Simms, New Economics Foundation

“Drawing on a cleverly conceived, beautifully executed project, The Future We Choose offers a critical challenge on the current state of politics and the world in general.” Tessy Britton, Social Spaces

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