“I feel that beneath our layers we are positive beings and we do look for positive ways to be with each other….If I have to chose my beliefs, I chose that belief over the other one – which is the one we have built our society on – that left to our own devices we will just tear each other apart.” – Bruce Parry





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About this interview:


A journey through loss, discovery and cultivation of our connection to something bigger.


In this episode Amisha shares a heartfelt conversation with explorer, documentary filmmaker, author and indigenous rights supporter Bruce Parry. Bruce has spent recent years seeking to understand other cultures – and indeed his own – through immersive, experiential learning and fairly relentless adventure. Together they explore the winding road from addiction to connection, what tribes can teach us about meaning and purpose beyond our desires and the transformational power of celibacy

Bruce shares with Amisha some deeply personal stories about finding the place where neuroscience meets indigenous ritual medicines, the chance encounters that changed his life – including with the Kogi, whose intercontinental “interventions” turned him celibate, his theory on how the dawn of agriculture killed meditation and the breakdowns and breakthroughs of a seven-year journey to produce his new film TAWAI – A voice from the forest.

From his early days “deep in the machine” as an institutionalised, privately educated military career-man from a devout Christian background to his recent expeditions into the mystical depths of Amazonian tribal medicine rituals, Bruce tracks the unfolding of his present world view and the crises and revelations that brought him to this point. He speaks of the challenges of integrating the intense ideological shifts brought forth in such rapid succession by his experiences living with tribes, and the necessity of finding the humility in himself, beneath layers of prejudice and conditioning, to hear and truly heed the voice of their spiritual traditions.

“The tribes offer us this way of coming together again to find purpose in something larger than ourselves…. Coming together and letting go of some of the things that distract us is a beautiful journey and we will all be happier. It’s hard to make the initial adjustments but it’s totally possible.” ~Bruce Parry


Bruce Parry is an award-winning documentarian, indigenous rights advocate, author, explorer, trek leader and former Royal Marines commando officer. He employs an ethnographic style and a form of participant observation for his documentaries. His documentary series for the BBC entitled Tribe, Amazon, and Arctic have shown Bruce exploring extreme environments, living with remote indigenous peoples and highlighting many of the important issues being faced on the environmental frontline.

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Bruce’s film Tawai

BBC – Tribe Series

BBC – Amazon series

Jill Bolte-Taylor TED talk

Alan Ereira and the Kogi – Aluna


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