“The questions about reality are going to become deeper and deeper as these technologies are adopted more and our ability to create new realities for ourselves and our communities is not science fiction anymore.” ~ James Hanusa




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An exploration of how technology and human consciousness can come together as a force for good to support the evolution of humanity.


In this episode Amisha takes a deep dive into the colliding worlds of new technology and consciousness with venture catalyst, cultural strategist, futurist and co-founder of Digital Raign James Hanusa. James is exploring the frontiers of emerging technology – with a focus on augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain and cryptocurrencies – and the spaces where these technologies intersect with social justice, sustainability and conscious evolution.

Digital Raign is an impact accelerator and experiential ecosystem design and deployment organism focused on emerging technology and culture. It forms a bridge between blockchain and brain waves, between social media and social impact, between connectedness and consciousness – supporting the evolution of humanity through the implementation of powerful technologies.

James cites his lineage of teachers and influencers as branching out from the Esalen and Burning Man communities and partnership with the Institute of Noetic Sciences. An experience early in his career set James on his current path of manifestation through community and technology and brought forth his mantra of “Idea to reality ASAP” A life-changing download during the Temple Burn at Burning Man in 2007 infused him on a cellular level with an understanding of change as the only constant and the impermanence of all things.

In this interview James invites us on a whirlwind tour of future technology now. He shares the latest therapeutic applications of virtual reality, how this so-called “empathy machine” is being put to work by non-profits and how transtech and biofeedback create “training wheels” for meditators to go deeper, faster and distract child burn victims with snowball fights. He goes on to talk us through how individuals can access VR right now and how we might access it in the near future, the applications of augmented reality from epic street art to jet engine mechanics and how technology can help us to quickly shift our consciousness en masse.

Together Amisha and James discuss the pros and cons of our connected world, how Burning Man can transform consciousness and technology can trigger transcendence, how the blockchain revolution might signal an end to banking and even governments and how it can be used as a force for good. They explore the characteristics and creative possibilities of the collective hero’s journey, how AI can bring Buckminster Fuller back to life to answer our questions, the beauty of setting our creations on fire, why refugees ask for WIFI before they ask for food and the possibility of starting a new country based on advanced technology as a lighthouse for failed states.

“Consciousness, connection and creativity are the three things that make us the animals that we are.” – James Hanusa


James Hanusa is a cultural strategist and organizer specializing in cross sector collaboration. He brings 20+ years in management roles across enterprise technology and creative community. His personal path led to exploring the edges of developments in silicon valley, from sustainability, to social justice, social media to conscious evolution, and now into the frontiers of emerging technology. His unique perspective has made him a sought after speaker and he holds advisory positions with uix global, emerging future institute and burning man. James’ professional background includes business development and technology partnerships for software companies and an interactive agency. He has deep expertise in urban economic development, social web, as well as corporate social responsibility based on years initiative creation in the bay area. He brings his future studies, global network and experience in creative industries and technology to the revolution.

To find out more about James Hanusa, visit www.digitalraign.com

To connect or work with Amisha Ghadiali, visit www.amisha.co.uk (she has a India retreat coming up in Feb) 


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