“People know more about their cell phone than they do about their own cells.” – Tony Riddle



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Bringing ancestral benefits into the modern world by re-connecting to ancient human ways.


In this episode, Amisha sits down with Natural Life-stylist Tony Riddle, a wellbeing and rewilding coach with a mission to restore us all to ancestral health.


Tony shares stories of his personal journey to identify the behaviours we have adopted which are socially normal but biologically extreme, as well as those which are biologically normal but considered to be socially extreme. He tells of his quest to live a biologically normal life – for the sake of his children – without raising social eyebrows and the island where it all became possible.

Together Tony and Amisha explore the impact of our modern lifestyles on our wellbeing – and what we can do about it. We discover what a handful of Peace Lilies can do to counteract the industrial pollutants and neurotoxins found inside our homes, and learn about the impacts of lighting on sleep, health and healing. Tony explains why night shift workers have 50% higher than average rates of cancer and blind people up to 50% below average; how we are dishonouring our biological norms through everyday social norms and choices; how we have domesticated ourselves to the extent of losing the healthy habits of our ape ancestors and how he is helping stressed out urbanites to reconnect with the hunter gatherer within and rediscover the ancient wisdom lying dormant in their bodies.

Tony’s work includes rewilding the way that we move and the way that we live in our home environment, much of which he has learned through his observation of his family as well as decades of research. He explains how returning to the ground can help us to reawaken our full natural range of movement, relearn gravity and recover the 100 plus chair-free rest positions we have long forgotten. He tells why he has sawed up his sofa and  banned chairs from his home, what pre-chair cultures can teach us about cultivating good posture, why you shouldn’t be walking if you cannot squat and how the hard ground teaches us to be soft.

Amisha and Tony share visions for a “rewilded edition” of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and a biologically normal lifestyle that starts with taking our shoes off. Tony gives advice for staying grounded while following a plant-based diet, the role of grass-fed meat in the diets of our ape ancestors and chimp cousins and how fasting can help us recover our innate ability to self-medicate with food. They examine how the education system has removed play from the human, how our workplaces can better accommodate the needs of our infants and how to cultivate the layered system of learning that comes naturally to human children.

“We have lost the ability to tune into what we really need because we are driven by want.” – Tony Riddle

Tony Riddle has spent the last 18 years developing and refining a robust way of life based on the principals of a natural lifestyle. Driven by fatherhood, Tony believes that his role is to embody the sustainable, natural and vibrant way of life he wishes for his children and their children to come. Central to his continuing exploration is the question: What makes the human animal successful in the modern world?

Tony has become his own guinea pig in search of systems that enable us to grow physically, socially and spiritually, and to adapt healthily in this fast paced and sometimes compromising modern environment. He has followed at times extreme paths to refine his natural lifestyle philosophy, going where many would choose not to in order to make lesser known information more available and digestible for others. The system of coaching which has emerged from these experiences is Natural Lifestyle Coaching.


To find out more about Tony, visit www.tonyriddle.co.uk

To connect or work with Amisha Ghadiali, visit www.amisha.co.uk

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