“The more I am in my power the more everything can be empowered – it’s not a personal thing – you can’t be powerful on your own, its part of a bigger thing.” – Boe Huntress



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Mapping the experience of cyclical being through archetypes, stories and song.


In this episode, Amisha meets singer, songwriter and creative Boe Huntress. Informed by a long line of songwriters from Bob Dylan, to Kate Bush, to Bjork, Boe’s mytho-poetic songwriting is archetypal and inspired particularly by the feminine experience.

Her immersive theatre show and EP A Female Power is an exploration of the darker and lesser known aspects of the feminine inspired by four female mythological figures. Boe performed A Female Power live for the first time at Union Chapel in January 2018, as part of an artist residency where Boe brings the world of the EP to life through an immersive audio-visual show.

Boe shares her journey to becoming the creative force she embodies today and speaks about growing up sensitive, the creative partnership born of communing with a mysterious other, accessing trance states through music and how she fell in love with the medium of songwriting.

She shares stories of how she finally became comfortable on stage,  the magic that happens when she includes her vulnerability along with the bigger presence of herself, and how she seeks to find the centre point between shrinking and inflating where our greatness can truly shine.

Boe also facilitates women’s groups, looking at the cycles of the moon, menstruation cycles and how it links to masculine and feminine archetypes.  Together they explore a collective picture of cyclical and intuitive ways of being, the value and gift of changeability in a world where the aspirational norm is consistency and the gifts that bleeding women carry for their community. She shares with us a fascinating outline of the menstrual cycle as an archetypal map, spiritual path and creative process, which has emerged from this work with groups of women.

Together Boe and Amisha discuss how the women of nomadic tribes would track down Buffalo in their collective dreams during their bleeding time and what the modern equivalent service for our communities might be, how the fierce love that arises in women during their premenstrual time is in service to life, soul and community. They discuss how we might recover this warrior energy in service of the heart and how it was buried in the first place, the importance of uncovering and reclaiming the treasures of our personal and collective underworlds and a new understanding of power that gives life rather than repressing it.

“If you are going to be who you really are and live your fullest life you are going to have to make friends with fear and to accept it as your partner” – Boe Huntress

Boe Huntress is a songwriter, guitarist, singer, weaver of spells, holder of audiences in the palm of her lushness. Imagine Joanna Newsom riding a phantom spider bareback through your dreams. Informed by a long line of songwriters from Bob Dylan, to Kate Bush, to Joni Mitchell, Boe Huntress’ mytho-poetic songwriting is archetypal and inspired particularly by the feminine experience. A Female Power is the name of Boe Huntress’ forthcoming debut EP, an earthy, epic debut reminiscent of both Kate Bush and Bjork. 

Boe grew up in Kent, playing and writing music from an early age. Her first job was writing songs for an online magazine. It was a crash course in the art of songwriting and recording, as well as receiving immediate response to her work online, “it was a tough way to learn but it made me very resilient. I also learnt that honesty in music is something that creates compelling work.” Studying Literature at Uni Boe was inspired by both myth and feminism, she started to play live and was soon chosen by the IC Music Network as one of 12 up-coming artists to tour across Europe. Eventually she was playing live on BBC Radio 2, as well as being featured in The Guardian and The Independent, BBC6 Music and appearing on Charlie Brooker’s BBC 4 programme Gameswipe. Boe also facilitates women’s groups, exploring cycles and archetypes as a way of remembering and connecting to an intuitive way of being.


To find out more about Boe, visit www.boehuntress.com

To connect or work with Amisha Ghadiali, visit www.amisha.co.uk  

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