“A certain naivety and enthusiasm has compelled me into situations where I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, but thought I did – and learned how to by just doing it.” – Lynne Franks



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How do you seize opportunities to create an extraordinary life and make a difference?


In this episode, Amisha sits down at the kitchen table with wise woman, entrepreneur, and activist Lynne Franks.  As well as launching London Fashion Week and the PR Industry as we know it, Lynne has been a lifelong advocate of and inspiration to women. At a time when it was almost unheard of for women to create their own businesses, Lynne is said by some to have created an entire industry, starting a highly successful PR agency at the tender age of 22. 

Lynne reflects on the journey she undertook after selling the agency, to connect with spiritual groups and groups of women from all over the world, to hear their stories, and be inspired in her quest to better understand the world. She tells of her anger at the imbalance of power she witnessed, why she has come to believe real change will only come from the grassroots, and why women must be the ones to lead it.

Lynne highlights the crucial importance of women working together and speaks about the projects she is developing to support this. She has just launched a programme in Wincanton and Bristol to provide cross-generational mentoring opportunities for women. As well as this she has developed a model for collaboration between women, based on seven archetypes, which can mitigate against burnout and allow real change to be created powerfully and sustainably.

Now aged 70 Lynne embraces what she believes to be the service role of her generation in our times, to hold space for the young people coming through and to share her experience and wisdom with them. Together Lynne and Amisha discuss how we might tackle the depression that is becoming an epidemic among our young people, why it is particularly important for women to understand how blockchain technologies work, the crucial role of 11-year-old girls in the future for our planet and how we can equip them to fulfil it.

She speaks of the creative energy that drives her and the excitement she feels engaging with young creatives, sowing seeds, and nurturing new ideas. Her latest venture is a women-led wellbeing hub for her local community in Wincanton, Somerset. The Hub at Wincanton opens in September and will provide spaces, facilities, talks, entertainment and workshops around the theme of wellbeing for women and men.

“I meet so many women who want to change the world on their own. They will burn out. Can we do it together – collectively, generously, compassionately, nurturingly? Yes, we can.” 

Lynne now an OBE, set up and ran Lynne Franks PR for twenty years whilst raising her family. Throughout Lynne’s long and successful career, she has influenced awareness of many societal shifts and trends both in the UK and internationally. Since selling her PR agency, she has spent the last two decades creating awareness of the need for a safe, sustainable and positive world for all, as well as dedicating herself to the essential call for women’s empowerment.

Her books and workshops, including The SEED Handbook, published worldwide in 2000,  pioneered a more feminine approach to business, combined with personal empowerment, inspiring thousands of women to join a movement of sustainable economic independence. Since establishing the SEED (Sustainable Enterprise and Empowerment Dynamics) women’s empowerment platform and body of learning materials, she has championed women’s leadership from post-war Bosnia, to rural South African villages and for women in prisons to women in the corporate boardroom.

She was also a contributor to our book, The Future Is Beautiful which you can download as a gift from us from our website. 


To find out more about Lynne, visit www.lynnefranks.com

To connect or work with Amisha Ghadiali, visit www.amisha.co.uk  

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