“I understand that health is your present and health is your future. If we are not healthy today it’s not going to happen tomorrow” ~ Anand Semalty





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What are the real teachings of yoga beyond the physical poses and how can this lead us to a healthier future?

In this episode Amisha spends time in intimate conversation with teacher, astrologer and all round wise man Anand Semalty. Anand, who describes himself as “a yoga practitioner living a simple life”, shares his perspective on yogic and Vedic life.

For Anand, the future is contained within the present. Prioritising our own health, the health of our children and the health of our mother Earth today, hold the keys to a beautiful future tomorrow. He shares stories of his childhood growing up as a Brahmin chanting mantras with his brothers at 4 a.m, the true nature of the Veda as he has come to understand it and his choice to raise his own daughters in the Vedic tradition today.

Anand speaks of the magnetism and the all-encompassing embrace of his motherland India, of the deep essence there which draws seekers from across the globe to walk this land and dive into its traditions, why there are more saints than soldiers living there and the secret of where the true knowledge of yoga is kept safely for future generations. He shares concerns about the modification of yoga and its trendy status in the west, the disproportionate expansion of the ego that comes with an asana-only yoga practise and the detrimental rise of social media yoga stars.

Anand goes on to explain what is missing from modern day asana-based practises – the ancient social and personal codes at the core of yogic tradition that allow for the whole self to benefit and grow from the discipline. He shares these codes with us and we learn how to purify body, mind and spirit together to truly receive and integrate the energies and understanding we are inviting in with our practise. He speaks of the core disciplines of truthfulness, non-violence and gratitude and how they can enrich our daily lives and the world around us.

Together Amisha and Anand explore how Vedic astrology can offer a navigation system for life, a tool for spiritual and material progression and can guide us be in the right time and the right place to receive what is meant for us. They share views on why spiritual health is integral to physical health, how the mind is like a child and must be taught as such and how five minutes of gratitude can lead on to a life-long spiritual practise. Anand tells stories of his early struggles with meditation and gives advice on how we might overcome the inevitable challenges when we first begin to practise.

“Knowledge is knowledge, its free in the universe. You just need to connect to the universe and you can download everything.” ~ Anand Semalty

Anand Semalty holds a high seat of knowledge, and practice. He is a lifelong student and teacher. He was born into a Brahmin family in the Himalayas.  Since his childhood he has been studying the Vedas at a Sanskrit University in Varanasi and post graduated his mastery in (Sanskrit Grammar) and (Vedic Astrology) with the honorific title Acharya (a scholar who practice what he teaches). He comes from a lineage of revered pandits, his grandfather from who he received deeper knowledge about Astrology and Palmistry. And his Father who introduced him into Vedic Rituals and Tantra, which is The traditional and intense practice and realisation of Yoga, Mudra and Meditation he achieved from Yogis in the Himalayas. He spends the winters in Vedic Valley, with his wife Akasha and three incredible daughters, offering retreats, trainings, and readings. And then in the summer can be found teaching in Europe, where he also teaches in German as well as English. 

To find out more about Anand, visit www.vedicvalley.in

To connect or work with Amisha Ghadiali, visit www.amisha.co.uk  


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