“Restaurants are this wonderful way to convey a body of knowledge because on Monday morning when they went back to their office people would talk about whatever restaurants they went to… So if we could put a body of knowledge onto a restaurant would it not get spread around a city?” ~ Lucile Yaney



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Creating a high vibrational restaurant to lift spirits, heal bodies, and open hearts and minds.


In this episode, Amisha shares tea and conversation with Lucile Yaney, a psychotherapist by training, high vibrational food and lifestyle specialist, and the visionary restaurateur behind the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga, California.

Lucile shares the story of how the Inn came into being over 40 years ago, born out of a mystical encounter with the “last eyesore in Topanga” and a year-long commitment to following the wisdom of her heart. From this serendipitous start she tells a tale of emergence, the unexpected and miraculous turnarounds – experiencing the power of food for healing with Hazel Parcell in Arizona, a meeting with a life-long spiritual teacher and a five-star professional waiter who was won over by the “little people” in the creek. She tells stories of the special protection that saved the inn from destruction time and again, and their involvement in the blossoming of organic, vegetarian, and vegan food culture across Topanga and the wider state, including the first farmer’s market.

Everything at the Inn, from the meditation gardens to the bookstore, the menu to the training manuals for staff, is firmly rooted in a set of principles that seek to support people to experience higher vibrational states of being through what and how they eat. In the second half of the episode, Lucile offers guidance – developed over years of experimentation, observation and learning – on how to transition gently and sustainably to a diet that allows your body to detoxify itself of additives, preservatives and cancer cells and to enter higher vibrational states. She speaks about the importance of raising the vibration of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies all at the same time and how this can be done, why people who go through therapy generally don’t get sick and how to learn to listen to your body to find your true alignment in life and why Quan Yin and Mother Mary sit alongside The Buddha in her gardens.

“I think that anyone who brings a teaching to earth and it multiplies and bears fruit, this is the energy that goes forth and multiplies. I suspect that when we get to the other side we are going to see Buddha with his arms around Krishna, with his arms around Moses, with his arms around Mohammed, with his arms around Jesus. They are all going to be buddies and it is only us down here has to divide them.” – Lucile Yaney

Lucile Yaney is a therapist and with her husband Ralph created the restaurant, Inn of The Seventh Ray in the early 1970’s with the mission of offering to their guests the benefits of cooking without chemicals or artificial additives.  What started as an extension of their personal lifestyle blossomed into a destination restaurant for diners seeking an alternative to frozen, overly-processed food.  Before the Inn’s inception both Lucy and Dr. Ralph had their psychotherapy offices in Beverly Hills while living in the hills of Topanga Canyon near the Inn. The Inn of the Seventh Ray also does traditional weddings and events and for many years was the only Los Angeles wedding venue to offer vegetarian and vegan weddings with the option of gluten-free wedding cakes, and serving organic or biodynamic wines. Over the years the use of organic ingredients has grown dramatically.  Organic food has gone mainstream and available in most supermarkets.  Where 20 years ago it was hard to source naturally raised meats and fish we now have numerous wonderful options.  The same has happened with wine.  Now a multitude of truly superior organic wine is available.  With the support of our executive chef, sommelier, local organic farms and food purveyors we will continue our original goal of showcasing products and ingredients that are produced with a minimum of additives or genetic modifications.


To find out more about Lucile and to go to the inn, visit www.innoftheseventhray.com

To connect or work with Amisha Ghadiali, visit www.amisha.co.uk  

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