“We are all finding ourselves in this time of not knowing and needing to learn from each other.” – Almunis Alejandra Ortiz



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What does it mean to find our true voice? 


In this episode, Amisha shares a moment with performing artist and sound healer Almunis Alejandra Ortiz.  Since 2005 Almunis has been helping people find their true voice by tapping into the whole body as an instrument and a vehicle of vibrant energy.

Although not from a musical family, Almunis began taking music classes at the tender age of three, growing up to study music and sound healing in her native Colombia and across North America.

It was her Father’s deafness that set Almunis on a path of exploration and service in sound healing. Her desire to share the vibration of her voice with him led her to a deep enquiry about how we experience sound and what happens to the body and energy field when we sing.

Almunis tells about the deep work required to find and release our true voice, the limitations of ‘pretty’ singing the riches that lie beyond it, and why the true voice is like a tree in flower. She shares her understanding of blockages in the voice of women and men, how to open a channel for what wants to be expressed through us, and of working back along lineages to heal the suppression of feminine beauty and expression over generations.

Almunis grew up in the Colombian capital city of Bogota but from her earliest childhood, she was also in touch with nature and indigenous culture and wisdom through her mother’s work. As an adult, she has spent time learning from indigenous wisdom and receiving powerful ‘codes’ from the energies of nature in the Amazon. She speaks of the struggle within indigenous cultures to connect with modern society without losing their culture and wisdom tradition, how the experience of connecting with nature as an intelligent being can transform the way we relate to the world around and inside us and the subtle but in incredibly powerful medicine that is sound. Almunis believes that all the work we do with consciousness, vibration, energy, and with mother nature can be achieved simply through singing.

Together Amisha and Almunis discuss the characteristics of a healthy community, how we can bring balance between feminine and masculine energies internally and interpersonally and the prevalence of plant medicine ceremonies in the Western world. Almunis speaks about how the use of plant medicine such as Ayahuasca has deviated from its original purpose – which was for sick people and not for seekers of self-knowledge – and why she will no longer partake in plant medicine ceremonies.

“We don’t sing because we want to be loved back, we sing because we ARE love and that has infinite forms” – Almunis Alejandra Ortiz

Almunis (Alejandra Ortiz) is a singer, composer, sound healer and voice teacher. Deeply rooted in the immemorial ritual practices of the Americas, Almunis has been offering international sound healing workshops and sessions since 2005 to hundreds of people, sharing her devoted connection to singing as a path of self-discovery and transformation. Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Almunis graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and the California Institue of Integral Studies’ Sound, Voice & Music Healing Program in San Francisco, California. In 2004 she founded the seminal electronic folk duo Lulacruza dubbed as “shamanic electronica” by Rolling Stone magazine and described as “a cornerstone in the musical DNA of Latin America” (Revista 23). Their visionary work includes 7 albums, extensive touring over 4 continents, as well as the highly praised musical documentary Esperando el Tsunami” directed by Vincent Moon, starred and co-writtten by Almunis. She is currently touring and recording as Minük, a Medicine Devotional music duo with her husband, the Swedish singer/producer Markandeya. The nectar of their union is potent and intimate, a musical offering weaving together two life-long journeys in the vision of the Vedic lineage and the indigenous spiritual practices of the Americas. 


To find out more about Almunis, visit www.sonidosana.com

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