“While I am here, let me be here, let me really engage with the here and now as presented to me. You can lose a lot of the here and now by being distracted by how things ought to be. We are always giving and transacting and you don’t know what that gift is you are giving when you are present in the here and now.” ~ Kriss Akabusi




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About this interview:

How can we identify and embody our greatest potential?

In this episode Amisha sits down with Kriss Akabusi, who has been many things including a soldier, an Olympian and a TV personality. He is now working as a coach and training as an existential psychotherapist and counsellor.

We take a deep dive into Kriss’s life story, uncovering the choices and twists of fate that shaped his remarkable life and career. Kriss speaks about human potential and what drove him to explore the farthest reaches of what his body could do. He shares his journey from a children’s home to the Olympic podium, how his time in the army influenced his meteoric career in athletics and the mysterious out-of-body experience that gave him a glimpse into a bigger reality.

Together Kriss and Amisha explore the esoteric side of life and share their views on emotion and energy, birth and death and how to be present and make the best of all the opportunities that come along in between.

“I didn’t make the first team in anything at school when it came to sports – which shows me how important the mind, spirit and emotions are to getting the best out of the body. I don’t think that you can get the best out of the body unless everything else is aligned and you are unity, you are one.” ~ Kriss Akabusi

Kriss Akabusi MBE rose to fame on the athletics track, where his greatest individual triumph was winning the gold medal in the 1990 European Championships, a British record which has stood for 22 years. Kriss won three Olympic medals, as well as World, European and Commonwealth titles. After his retirement from Athletics, he had a successful career as a TV personality presenting Record Breakers and Channel 4’s Big Breakfast amongst others. Kriss now works as a coach and motivational speaker working with businesses and individuals and is now training as an existential psychotherapist. Kriss was a contributor to The Future Is Beautiful book. 

To find out more about Kriss, visit www.akabusi.com

To connect or work with Amisha, visit www.amisha.co.uk  


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