“Focusing on the brevity of life and sanctity of nature and fragility of the planet can sharpen our awareness of how precious this experience is but can also swerve us into a darker focus. We have to be deft enough to go into the cataclysm and say ‘how can we use our imagination to find a solution?’ ‘how can we connect to what it is to be deeply human?’” ~ Tiu de Haan



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About this interview:


What can wonder bring to our lives and how do we create it?


In this episode, Amisha sits down with Tiu de Haan, an Oxford-educated ritual designer, creative facilitator, and inspirational speaker, dedicated to inspiring our connection to wonder.

Tiu shares her perspective on what wonder is, why we need it, and how having an openness to wonder can change our experience. She tells how we can all engineer serendipity, creating the conditions for wonder to appear. Tiu and Amisha discuss the universal human experiences that can serve as our access points to wonder and the habits that can get in the way.

Tiu tells stories of a daily life lived for wonder – taking quantum physicists into the forest to play, going out on daily missions to find wonder, and spreading ‘pronoia’ by putting love notes in cereal packets. We hear how to surrender to our creativity and make the space available for serendipity and inspiration, the value of ritual moment-making in our day, and the tremendous importance of taking naps.

Together Tiu and Amisha share their experiences of death and grieving and speak about the need in our society for community rituals around death that can hold and witness our individual and collective grief, allowing for the possibility of its full release. Tiu speaks of death as a vivifier, how we can face the darkness and access our light at the same time, and the enormous personal tragedy that led her to her work with wonder.

“I am of the belief that you can choose to have a lens which sees awe as well as the ordinary, and when you do you can see things that are around us all the time as magnificent sources of marvellousness.”~ Tiu de Haan

Tiu de Haan creates experiences designed to connect us to our creativity, to each other, to ourselves and to the possibility of wonder. As a ritual designer, she creates bespoke ceremonies to honour the thresholds in our lives. She creates content to inspire curiosity, creativity and wonder, from interviewing world leading scientists, creators, artists and entrepreneurs to offering online courses on creativity, wellbeing, ritual at work and the art of ritual design. Tiu’s work offers us ways to shift our perspective so we can see the magic in the mundane. She lives on a beautiful houseboat where she broadcasts content to inspire curiosity, creativity and wonder, from interviewing world leading scientists, creators, artists and entrepreneurs in the Possibility of Wonder to offering online courses on creativity, wellbeing, ritual at work and the art of ritual design. She has given a powerful Tedx talk called ‘why we still need ritual’. 


To find out more about Tiu, visit www.tiudehaan.com 

To connect or work with Amisha, visit www.amisha.co.uk 

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Tiu’s Tedx Talk – Why We Still Need Ritual


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