“If there was a crying pill our whole culture would be saved- there would be no more war…. I want people to think its not such a big deal to cry all the time. I love crying, it’s like taking the most beautiful dump.” ~ Jamie Catto





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About this interview:

Where does true creative inspiration come from and how do we invite it in?

In this episode Amisha sits down with creative catalyst, musician and mischief-maker Jamie Catto. 

Jamie seeks to serve as a ‘walking permission slip’ for people he meets, giving permission for himself and others to express themselves more fully and authentically in the world.

Together he and Amisha discuss the roots of suffering and melodrama in our lives, the influence of the patriarchy and how listening holds the key to all that we seek. They share ideas on how to approach the work of reparation between women and men and how to build cooperation and equality between the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves.

Jamie shares his perspective on the treasures that can be found in the painful experiences of life, speaking candidly about his experiences of panic attacks from a young age and how he has learned to avoid them with the help of YouTube videos about kindness. He shares this and other techniques he has learned for working with panic attacks, as well as with physical and emotional pain.

Amisha and Jamie round off the conversation by touching on his experiences of death and suicide, his relationship to creativity and the muse and where the true genius ideas come from.

“Think of [creativity] as a unicorn. People so want to make money out of their creativity. You end up saddling your unicorn like a donkey to carry your self esteem issues up a hill and it is not its job.” ~ Jamie Catto


Jamie Catto is the Co-Creator, Producer & Director of the multi-award winning global 1 Giant Leap films and albums and founder member of the iconic band Faithless. He is now leading transformative workshops and one-on-one sessions, including Mojo Blast, Transforming Shadows and What about us? Drawing from the richly diverse wisdom, techniques and processes he has encountered during his ground-breaking filming, recording and philosophy voyages across all five continents, he is weaving these creative techniques and exercises to spark both professional and personal breakthroughs. He is the author of Insanely Gifted: Turn your demons into rocket fuel. And has just launched the Academy of the Sacred Fool. 


To find out more about Jamie, visit www.jamiecatto.com

To connect or work with Amisha, visit www.amisha.co.uk  


Jamie has kindly given our community a discount for the first offering from the Academy of the Sacred Fool A Maze – game Changing tools for sacred fools” – use the code “beautiful10”


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