“I hate the idea of labels, you end up trying to fit into things and hide parts of yourself. When we present the version of ourselves that other people want to see we take away their choices and say ‘you’re not ready to see this part of me’. It all starts from us. What is my role and responsibility in expressing who i am? Nobody else can do it for us – can do it justice in the way that we can. It requires bravery and finding your voice.” Adah Parris



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About this interview:


How can we find freedom of expression in all our areas of our lives?


In this episode, Amisha meets writer, speaker, workshop leader, and passionately curious polymath Adah Parris. Adah has diverse and numerous interests – from tech futurism to reiki, millinery to life-coaching. Much of her work centres in some way around storytelling and inspiring humans to ask themselves the questions they have been avoiding.

Adah is one of those rare souls who is content to be unapologetically themselves and to share all the vulnerabilities and victories of their own path of personal growth to help others. She shares stories from her journey to understanding identity and the influences that shaped it, including the ten core principles of Burning Man and healing from bad relationships.

We hear about Adah’s work with individuals, organisations, and systems to audit their internal patterns, stories, and structures and understand where transformation and growth are possible. She speaks about the importance of taking full responsibility for our identity and how we are represented, dealing with other people’s opinions, and walking the fine line between self-definition and narcissism.

Through the online and offline spaces and communities she creates, Adah invites humans from different backgrounds to connect and share the stories of what makes them remarkable and what makes them tick. She is a driving force for diversity, inclusion, and mutual empowerment in all the different spaces where she is active.

Adah speaks about the importance of learning to stop, let go and create space in our day-to-day lives. She talks about choice at the heart of freedom – choosing how we represent ourselves in the culture where we live, choosing where we invest our money and our energy, and choosing the stories that define us day to day.

“The ability to stop can move us forward a lot faster sometimes than we believe.” ~ Adah Parris

Adah Parris is a futurist, consultant, public speaker and coach with over 20 years experience in creating transformational change and people-centred immersive ecosystems. She works with clients in three ways through strategic consulting, public speaking and transformational coaching. Adah is also a Milliner and an Artist who creates wearable art and immersive multi-sensory environments.


To find out more about Adah, visit www.adahparris.com

To connect or work with Amisha, visit www.amisha.co.uk  

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