“Hearing is a receptive sense, the shell, nautilus, snail, spiral… The rise in interest in sound goes together with the reawakening of the feminine….What’s the quantum space behind the particles? We have dissected life to see the structure, now the feminine is sensing what’s behind it that’s moving.” ~ Aurelio



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About this interview:

How do the soundscapes of our lives influence us?

In this episode Amisha meets visionary listener, music lover and global citizen Aurelio. Now based in India, Aurelio grew up in Austria and has travelled the world studying the origins and functions of music before establishing Svaram in Auroville – a campus and community dedicated to the experience of sound.

Aurelio rejected book-learning in favour of finding embodied experiences of music in daily life around the globe. He speaks of the primal pulses and frequencies that infuse our existence from conception onwards and how these influence our cells, our sense of harmony and our social rituals. Aurelio tells us about life and work at Svaram – where people come from around the world to enquire into the mystery that is sound. From sonic exploration gardens to multidisciplinary creative collaborations, Svaram offers a place to experience and understand the craft, art and science of sound.

We hear about how the ancient wisdom of the Greeks and Egyptians contributed to our understanding of harmonics and sound, how the predominance of scientific thought led us away from the receptive and mystical experience of sound, and how the resurgence of the feminine brings with it a return to sound healing, sound bathing and a curiosity about the field behind the frequencies.

Aurelio speaks about the roles for music in our lives – bringing community together, signifying special moments and as a portal into an altered state of consciousness. He reveals the findings of neurobiological studies into the effects of music on our brain and our experience of sound frequencies in utero. Together he and Amisha explore the ever-changing soundscapes of our lives; from the jungle to the city and from the womb out into the world.

“In most indigenous cultures there was a sound event that brought forth manifestation. At the beginning there’s the unknown cosmic ocean and then something ignites and starts to throb. All of us come into incarnation in this fluid space where sound travels seven times as fast. We are exposed to pulsation for 9 months…We all have a pulse in ourselves.” ~ Aurelio

Aurelio, the creative director of SVARAM, is a musician, educator, ethno-musicologist, researcher, sound designer and sound healer. Through his extensive travels and studies all around the world, Aurelio has become a noted pioneer in the development and manufacture of innovative musical instruments, whether it be simple inviting ones for beginners, or instruments specially designed for use in sound healing.

In 1991, after thirty years of travel, research and immersion in the science and art of sound, Aurelio moved to South India to join the Utopian township of Auroville. Aurelio’s biggest undertaking so far was launched in 2003: SVARAM Musical Instruments, Vocational Training and Research Station. Conceived initially as a way to realize Aurelio’s experiments with new instruments and tunings, SVARAM has evolved into an Auroville commercial unit which sells a wide range of easy-to-play instruments from various cultures.

For the future, Aurelio dreams of expanding SVARAM into a Campus: a combination of experiment and heritage, with studio / laboratory for sound research, an academy for musical studies, modern workshops and a vocational training center in musical instrument making which would be the first of its kind in India.

To find out more about Aurelio, visit http://svaram.org/

To connect or work with Amisha, visit www.amisha.co.uk  

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