“When I have the biggest challenges I put them on the dancefloor… and a lot is revealed.” ~ Daniela Plattner



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How can embodiment practises unlock our potential?

In this episode Amisha meets strategist, coach and facilitator  Daniela Plattner. Daniela works with movement to unlock and unleash creative confidence.

Since playing footsie with Gabrielle Roth – the founder of 5Rhythms – as a child in a New York restaurant, Daniela has been on a profound personal journey with movement: finding her purpose in the place where her greatest pain and her greatest joy meet.

Daniela speaks to us about embodiment and movement: what it means to her, how it can transform lives and how we can incorporate it into our daily lives. She speaks about the deep integration that happens when we align our mind and body through conscious movement and how we can tap into the intelligence of our body to help us navigate decisions in our lives.

Daniela shares how her movement practise crosses over into her daily life and the benefits for our creativity and confidence of moving in new and unique ways. We hear how our mainstream schooling system actually decreases the diversity of movement in young children and the implications of this for body and mind as we grow. She speaks about overcoming the barriers and resistance to movement that she encounters in individuals and groups and the benefits that they receive from trusting the practise.

Together Amisha and Daniela share stories of healing and releasing trauma through movement, visualisation and deep listening to the body. Daniela speaks about how dance – and the 5Rhythms map in particular – allows for the movement of emotions through and out of the body. Finally we hear about Daniela’s international leadership programme ‘The Future of Feminine’ and how she was called to – and initially resisted – offering this work in the world.

“Through my greatest struggles and greatest joys I’ve again and again come back to the body as my greatest compass and an ally for navigating decisions and choices and life events.” ~ Daniela Plattner

Daniela Plattner, MA, HHC, is a group facilitator, coach, and certified teacher of 5Rhythms® who uses movement to help people and organizations unlock creativity, clarity, and confidence. Her embodied workshops and programs have activated leaders of diverse organizations, Fortune 100 companies, universities, and at conferences at the United Nations and U.S. Congress. She holds a master’s degree in intermodal arts consulting and coaching from the European Graduate School in Switzerland and a bachelor’s degree in the Psychology of Play from Bard College. She is a certified integrative health coach and a certified teacher of the mindful movement practice 5Rhythms®.

To find out more about Daniela, visit www.danielaplattner.com


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