“Everything I’m saying is not so, it’s just a Foolish way of looking at things that can actually have substance that is beyond the everyday of disbelief.” ~ Jonathan Kay



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What does it truly mean to be Foolish?


In this episode, Amisha meets professional fool Jonathan Kay. For the uninitiated, The Fool exists, somewhere in the archetypal space between a jester, your inner child, and a guru – and everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Tune in to hear it straight from the man himself and experience Foolish ways of looking, seeing, being… and flying!  

Jonathan has been a performer since a young age, travelling and performing with theatres and bands. Something mysterious happened to him in Winchester in the early 80s which led him to be touched by The Fool and his present life’s work evolved from there. He now teaches workshops and programmes, as well as continuing to perform and bring The Fool to audiences and initiates across the globe.  

Together Amisha and Jonathan explore what it really means to make a Fool of ourselves. The conversation will immerse you in completely new ways of looking and seeing, new ways of understanding language and speech and the experience of acting outside of time. Jonathan shares his unique framework of structure and content, which will completely shift the way you see yourself and the endless stream of content you produce.  

Jonathan draws on powerful, painful stories to give examples of the depth of his work with The Fool – which is essentially a spiritual practice for him. We hear about the ‘twin effect’ that runs through everything and about the Monarch and the Fool that coexist within each of us. Jonathan shares how Foolish ways of seeing and being can help us shift out of old, painful stories and receive what life is offering us in these moments.

“I am offered a whole load of stuff that is undiscoverable unless I start to see things in a particular kind of way. A way to understand how to look. Seeing is more difficult, and being is even more difficult on top.” ~ Jonathan Kay


By nature a Fool is indefinable, living outside the realm of the known. A Fool is a mirror, a flip side, an alternative way of looking at things, and Jonathan Kay is a highly experienced practitioner of this form of theatre. He will play your Fool, and by doing so, helps to breathe life into imaginations locked away, resuscitating the fool that lies sleeping in the audience. Jonathan makes anything or anyone in the audience remind us all that we are more than our roles.

He can be found headlining Glastonbury Festival’s Theatre and Circus field, Brighton Fringe, the Edinburgh Festival or you can always invite him to the environment that you are in, whether this is your business, village hall, theatre, place of work or your home. Jonathan Kay also runs an annual programme of workshops as well as the year long Nomadic Academy of Fools, training people from all walks of life in his unique Fooling technique.


To find out more about Jonathan, visit www.jonathankay.co.uk

To connect or work with Amisha, visit www.amisha.co.uk  

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