“The more artistic we can be, the more liberated we can be, the more free we can be. Freedom and liberation is a goal of mine- as I bring it for myself I want it for my brother and sister and people around me. I want their expression because I want to see it. Your individual expression is inspiration for mine and that aids the individual expression of all of us.” ~ Kamau Abayomi



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About this interview:

How can our individual creative freedom liberate others?  


In this episode Amisha meets multidisciplinary metaphysical artist Kamau Abayomi. Kamau’s creative expression is a conduit for Maat energy – the ancient Egyptian goddess of harmony, truth, justice and balance. From his early years as a skateboarding teenage rapper in Oakland, California to over 15 years living in Bali, Kamau’s path through life has been one of creative liberation.  


Kamau’s work with Maat energy seeks balance and harmony in creative forms. He has experimented with merging traditional Balinese dance with breakdance and rap elements, and regularly puts Michael Jackson into his ecstatic dance DJ sets. Kamau speaks about his belief that the full spectrum of codes and vibrations must be available so that each person can seek and find their own access points to spiritual and creative growth.  


Together Kamau and Amisha speak about the connection between art and activism, the power of simplicity in spiritual practices and their experience of Bali. Kamau shares with us some of the pivotal moments in his spiritual and creative journey, and speaks about lliving and working in Bali as a black man and a cultural fusion artist.  


“If a person really looks into the circumstances that they were born into – the major challenges they went through – and gleaned the jewels from that, the path of their spiritual unfolding will reveal itself.” ~ Kamau Abayomi    


Kamau Abayomi is the embodiment of the term “Artist”. For the last 25 years, Kamau has lived, performed and taught as multi-disciplinarian, who shares his spoken word poetry, djing, music, choreography, rap artistry, literary works, expanded spiritual perspective and workshop sessions with the intention of inspiring and activating others into the awareness of their own innate power.

During his journey, Kamau has been named ‘Best Poet’ in the Oakland, California poetry slam finals. He is the 2-time winner of the International Ubud Writers & Readers Festival Poetry Slam in Bali, Indonesia. He has been a guest artist at the World Social Forum in Mumbai, India and has conducted poetry and art and activism workshops in Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka and West Papua. Recently, Kamau has been the featured poet on two chart topping afro-house singles released by 2017’s top Afrohouse label, MoBlack Records.


To find out more about Kamau, visit www.instagram.com/kamauabayomi

To connect or work with Amisha, visit www.amisha.co.uk  

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