“If you find the courage to express yourself, you are an artist… The moment you show up to create that’s it. Even if it’s not something being shared. Just the courage to express yourself. It’s enough. You made it!”~ Lex Empress



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What happens when we let go and trust our voice? 


In this episode, Amisha spends time with transformational coach, consultant and singer of soulsongs Lex Empress.  

After a childhood spent “in the blackest dark”, carefully concealing her innate gifts, and an early career laced with the promise of pop stardom, Lex followed her intuition away from the path laid out for her and onto a new track all of her own.  

She found the courage to own her intuitive gifts and offer her insights to others, and now touches hearts and changes lives with the penetrating profundity of her one to one song sessions. From the boardroom to the beaches of Ibiza, thousands have come to sit before Lex and hear the song their soul needs now.

Lex shares with Amisha the journey to finally living and expressing her gifts through song, the leaps of faith and great silences along the way, and how she became her own medicine – singing herself sane.   Together and Amisha speak about the risks and rewards of forging your own path, life as a highly sensitive intuitive and the gifts of surrender and improvisation in the moment.  

“For humanity it’s really important to start letting go – of existence, of wanting the perfect relationship, of wanting to be right – but don’t let go of the love. If we start doing that then we have a really interesting future ahead. Let go of trying to control. The moment we understand that we can just get lost, then we are found.” ~ Lex Empress    



Lex Empress is a master of improvisation who aims to empower people to live their fullest potential through her performance. Using her kaleidoscopic array of skills, a seemingly limitless imagination and a touch of magic, she is the only person in the world that interactively weaves lyrics, melodies and chords into coherent stories and whole compositions on the spot. All the songs are completely improvised, sound like radio songs and she can deliver them in seven languages! Blessed with a 4 octave vocal range and an angelic voice, she sings on festival stages and at intimate gatherings, where her ability to tune in with the crowd leaves people both floored and deeply inspired. All this comes with some great profundity yet with a sense of whimsy and fun too.


To find out more about Lex, visit www.lexempress.com

To connect or work with Amisha, visit www.amisha.co.uk  

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