“Once you have a relationship, it’s the same with a person. You can bring a person to mind and connect across time and space, and that’s the same thing with the plants and with the remedies. We have many tools with which to work, but in its purest form we have that direct perception, direct communication.” ~ Jemma Foster



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About this interview:

How can we rebuild our relationship with plant life?


In this episode Amisha climbs aboard the good ship Xanadu to meet with forager, chef, and plant alchemist Jemma Foster. 


Jemma stepped out of a career in journalism to train in vibrational healing and plant medicine, after becoming fascinated with quantum physics and the vibrational nature of reality. Jemma now offers intimate food and plant experiences – including regular Sunday brunch clubs at The Wild Alchemy Lab and aboard Xanadu – hosts playful workshops and shares her knowledge through writing. Her book on Sacred Geometry is coming out in May next year. 


Jemma walks us through the tapestry of interwoven healing and medicinal modalities that make up an experience with Mama Xanadu – from astrological botanical elixirs infused with planetary sound frequencies to private musical performances from plants – and explains the origins and intentions behind each element.


Together Amisha and Jemma speak about frequency, resonance and the felt sense of interacting with the quantum fields of all that lives around us day to day. Jemma shares some of the latest research into plant neurobiology and introduces us to a breathtakingly beautiful technology that allows us to listen to what our plants have to say and track how they respond to the changing environment. Finally, Jemma shares how we can each start where we are and begin building relationships with the plant life around us, starting with simple but profound interactions.


 “It seems to be a common theme at the moment with the chaos that’s going on, that we just need to shed, to have less stuff, to refine, distill… it’s coming to that essence. In a way the crisis is calling us deeper into ourselves and to finding ways that we can use what’s on our doorstep.” ~ Jemma Foster


MAMA XANADU is a multi-disciplinary botanical studio joining the dots between plants, planets and people. Founder Jemma Foster is a forager, chef, mixologist and practitioner of plant and vibrational medicine. She distills her knowledge into playful and magical experiences through a Wild Alchemy Bar, creative workshops, supper clubs and consultancy. She weaves together her deep study and her beautiful intuitive eye to create very special experiences that clearly open up new ways of looking at nature, the cosmos and ourselves. She is currently writing and illustrating a book on sacred geometry. 

You can join her on boat Xanadu in London for upcoming supper clubs where you can try everything she talks about for yourself. 

To find out more about Jemma, visit mamaxanadu.com

To connect or work with Amisha, visit amisha.co.uk  

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