“One of the greatest things that has happened with many people who feel cut off from love is they have stopped breathing. Listen to yourself breathing and begin to listen to your heart – because if you are not listening, you are not loving.” ~ Erena Rangimarie Rereomaki Rhöse



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How will we heal the disconnect between humanity and Mother Earth?


In this episode, Amisha meets Maori elder and daughter of chiefs Erena Rangimarie Rereomaki Rhöse.

Erena shares with us her cultural concept of the earth as Mother and the cosmology and creation stories of her Maori heritage. She tells of the twelve universes of creation, and how we connect back through all of them to the beginning of everything. She names the gods and ancestors that make up the living world around us. She speaks of the lived experience of connection to nature at the deepest levels of being.

Erena shares her understanding that all is love, that we are born only from love and tells how we can remember and reconnect to this source of love that we are and that we come from. She speaks about the pressing need to acknowledge, love and honour our mother the earth – and all mothers – and why we must even learn to love plastic and return it to its proper place.

She speaks about the situation in New Zealand and how the people there are beginning to turn back to the land, human rights being awarded to the River Whanganui, and the healing happening within Maori communities and with non-Maori New Zealanders.

Finally, Erena explains what exactly happens when indigenous elders from around the globe gather in one room, why these elders are gathering now and how the earth is working with us and through us all to heal herself.

“To everybody who is listening to me: in your heart’s desire can you ask with love to stop the fires burning around our Mother Earth. It will happen because you ask with love. Your love is met by the desire of creation itself to stop burning – not because we really want it, but because it also really wants it.” ~ Erena Rangimarie Rereomaki Rhöse



Dr Erena Rangimarie Rereomaki is a Maori woman native of Aotearoa (New Zealand), who has lived in Sweden for 38 years, married to a Swedish husband. Her Maori name means “flying, hopping peace star”. Erena is the daughter of paramount chiefs of the Ngati Kahungunu, Raukawa, and a member of the royal family from the Waikato tribe. She is a guardian carrier of tribal knowledge and a doctor of traditional Maori medicine. She travels back to Aotearoa regularly.

Erena has been invited to many countries to speak at conferences, about her cultural concept of the earth – mother earth. She lectured at Karlstad University from 1983 to 2012 on the subject of ecology-philosophy (ekosofi). Erena is an independent Knowledge Network Expert at the United Nations (Harmony with Nature).

Erena is a matekite tohonga, shaman, spiritual leader, grandmother elder, who teaches the love and spirit of Mother Earth. She is a member of Arctic Shaman Circle in Norway and promotes indigenous, shamanism that works for Mother Earth and Nature. She has worked with 2 groups of Italian people. Pap.water and Lets rain in a shamanic way, for the water and Mother Earth, since the early 90s.

Erena considers herself a daughter to the Whanganui River since her river was given Human Rights three years ago in 2016. It was her great, great grandmother RereOmaki who signed the Treaty of Waitangi, in1840 for the Whanganui region, with the British crown Queen Victoria and other Maori chiefs of Aotearoa, New Zealand.


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