“I feel that this is the way we get towards creating a more beautiful future. Having the courage to recognise that we are more than what we were told, that our place is bigger than where we were put, and then using that to challenge the system. Then we change the system, and create whole new worlds that make the system fade.” Amisha Ghadiali



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About this episode:

How can we cultivate the courage and presence needed for these times? 

In this episode, we mark the end of this decade, and the end of the year with reflections from our host Amisha Ghadiali. She offers an exploration into the courage that we need for the next decade, and shares a myth that speaks to the power of courage, as well as a meditation practice that supports the cultivation of presence.

“For me, that’s what beauty is, it’s knowing the deepest darkness of this place, and then through that courage knowing the deepest joy that’s possible. Walking this life in this mysterious chaotic place that takes me constantly between them. I am in touch with both aspects at all times and some more than others, and despite having a spiritual practice, a yoga practice, a meditation practice, an activist practice, still being so capable of feeling the overwhelming horror that it is to be a human right now, and the despair and the loneliness, and then feeling just the utter bliss of being here – of how blue the sky is right now, the pinkness of those flowers and that look in your eyes.” ~Amisha Ghadiali

We also shared a note to our community as a bonus episode in April. You can listen to this here:

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